Why You Should Change the Direction of Ceiling Fans in Winter

Why You Should Change the Direction of Ceiling Fans in Winter

direction of ceiling fans

Many people have ceiling fans in their homes to help cool off during the hot summer months, but never think to turn them on in the winter. Why? Ceiling fans are associated with cooling rooms down, so it may seem crazy to turn on a ceiling fan while you’re trying to warm up. In reality, there actually is a way to use ceiling fans to heat your home in an eco-friendly and efficient way!

From counterclockwise to clockwise

During the summer months, the direction of ceiling fans should be forward in a counterclockwise motion. Fans are designed to run this way to force cool air downwards and give you relief from the heat. However, in the winter, keeping the direction of ceiling fans the same will cool you down even further, something you definitely want to avoid when the temperatures drop outside.

By reversing the direction of ceiling fans in the winter so they run clockwise, the blades of the fan will pull the cool air from below and push it upwards, while forcing the warm air near the ceiling down to the floor.

How to Change

How is changing the direction of ceiling fans done? It’s simple! First, turn off the fan and wait for the blades to completely stop. Grab a step stool and locate the direction switch near the motor. Flip it in the opposite direction and then power the fan back on at a low speed to make sure the blades are moving in the opposite direction.

If your ceiling fan is an older model without this switch, then simply adjust the blade switch. Tilt the blade to the right to push the air down, and to the left to pull air upwards.

direction of ceiling fans

Why not just raise the thermostat?

Every time you raise the temperature on the thermostat, you raise the price of your energy bill. In fact, lowering the thermostat by just one degree saves you around 3% on your gas bill, so relying on the direction of ceiling fans to produce heat will help you save energy and money in the long run.

Once you do decide to reverse the ceiling fan direction, be sure to adjust your thermostat accordingly. You’ll no longer need to set the temperature as high now that you’re being energy-efficient! As always, when you leave the room, be sure to treat the ceiling fan as you would any other electric device and turn it off when it’s not in use.

Now that you know this tip, it all comes down to remembering to do it! According to SplendidFans a great way to remind yourself to set the direction of ceiling fans in reverse is to do it every Daylight Saving Time. Because Daylight Savings falls on dates in the spring and fall, these are the perfect times to adjust your ceiling fan to move in the reverse direction before the peak of winter, and then back to the forward direction before the heat of summer hits.

Changing the direction of ceiling fans in your home is a simple solution to saving you money and helping you find comfort in your home even during the coldest of months!