Easy Projects to Help Save on Gas Around Your House

Easy Projects to Help Save on Gas Around Your House

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Many homeowners dread the winter not only because of snow days and frigid temperatures, but also because of the increase in gas use that leads to sky-high energy bills! There are a number of ways to save on gas around the house, from quick do-it-yourself fixes to professional projects. Here are a few ideas to help you save on gas this winter:

Home Energy Audits

Before you take on any project to save on gas, it’s important to do a home energy audit so you know where to start! You can do your own energy audit or hire a professional to get a detailed assessment of your home’s energy use and discover where improvements can be made.

With a home energy audit, each room in the home is examined along with utility bills. Whether using an app like Homeselfe or working with an auditor, consider the problem areas you’ve noticed around your house. An energy audit can give you a thorough understanding of how energy in your home works. Once this is done, you’ll be able to prioritize projects based on need and importance.

Lower the Thermostat

For every degree the thermostat is lowered, you save about 3% on your gas bill! This means you can save on gas without feeling uncomfortable in your home just by lowering the temperature by one degree. If you can’t bear the thought of living in a home one degree cooler, lower it while you’re at work and adjust back to normal when you arrive home.

save on gas

Seal Openings

Why spend money on gas to heat your home if the warm air is escaping through gaps and holes? This winter, save on gas by applying weatherstripping around your windows and doors. Choose felt or open-cell foams for low-traffic areas since these fabrics are less durable, but inexpensive. For high traffic areas, go for a vinyl or metal option, which are much more durable and hold up well even in intense weather conditions.

Once you’ve measured the area, be sure to buy 5-10% more material than necessary to account for waste. This is a simple project that can be done on your own and will pay off big time in your efforts to save on gas.

Replace Windows

There are many high-efficiency windows on the market with protective coatings that help your home retain heat. Consider calling a professional to make the switch to these windows and help you save on gas. Swapping old windows for these efficient versions can reduce your energy bill by about 15%!

Clean Furnace Filters

Have you checked your furnace filters lately? As dirt and debris piles up on these filters, the airflow becomes restricted and the furnace requires more gas to operate. To clean the filter, turn off the furnace and remove the blower door. Use a regular handheld vacuum to remove the larger pieces of dust and debris.

Once these pieces are removed, use a host to wash the tiny particles off from the filter, and then let it completely dry before replacing it and restarting the furnace. Keeping these filters clean can help you save on gas every month, reducing your energy bill by up to 5%.

Now that you’ve mastered how to save on gas, take a look at other ways you can save on energy consumption throughout the home here.