hands-on approach to authentic climate action

it’s not complicated, and it’s not offsets either. benefyd is a software solution that sets baselines, makes recommendations, and then supports every team member in making smart, sustainable improvements to their homes and in their lives. then all that good work gets rolled up into a nifty dashboard that shows your company is reducing carbon and investing in local infrastructure. here’s how it works.


just like with other employee benefits, you determine the annual amount you provide to each team member to spend on sustainability actions related to home energy, waste, water, and transportation.


then you invite all your employees to participate in benefyd by simply uploading names and emails into the system, adding a written or video message from leadership, and hitting the send function in the platform.


every employee then completes a baseline assessment in their home which helps them understand where they can save money and reduce carbon.


employees get a list of carbon reducing actions along with DIY support, a curated marketplace, stacked market, government, and utility incentives, and integrated financing to make it easier to check things off the list.


employee reimbursement flow with automated logic and quality assurance checks keep it real so you can count it.


benefyd tracks every action taken, every dollar spent, energy savings and carbon reduction associated with these actions and provides near real-time dashboards and reports that your company can use for tracking and reporting progress.