Outdoor Bathroom Ideas for the Patio and Pool

Outdoor Bathroom Ideas for the Patio and Pool

When hosting an outdoor barbecue or pool party, directing guests indoors to use the restroom or to change out of bathing suits isn’t always practical. Homeowners don’t want the mess of chlorine water dripping on floors or carpets, and, depending on the climate, constantly opening and closing the door to the home for guests’ constant bathroom visits means the HVAC will work overtime.

Outdoor bathrooms are a practical and convenient solution for homeowners who spend many afternoons basking by the pool or lounging on the patio. Those who host frequent outdoor gatherings also can minimize foot traffic (and mess!) in the home by directing guests to the outdoor bathroom.

These outlying restrooms don’t have to be boring, though. A modern farmhouse bathroom can fit nicely into the natural environment of your backyard. With stylish farmhouse fixtures and a farmhouse-inspired design scheme, you can create an outdoor bathroom that looks right at home in any rural oasis or modern farmstead.

Start by carrying bathroom farmhouse elements like clawfoot tubs and farm sinks into the outdoor bathroom. For style and functionality, you can add a farmhouse vanity and cabinet system to store toiletries, towels and other bathroom essentials. Other farmhouse elements to consider when building an outdoor farmhouse bathroom are wood floors, shiplap siding on the walls or ceiling, farmhouse lighting fixtures and vintage-style windows. Use nature and the home’s landscape as an inspiration to design outdoor bathroom ideas for the patio and pool.

Outdoor Bathroom Ideas for the Patio and Pool

Tropical Escape

If the pool area is accented with palm trees or lush exotic flowers, choose a bathroom design that complements the vibe. A thatched roof hut bathroom can be the perfect addition to the tropical pool oasis. Include a rustic sign on the door so guests know this is where to go! Include Tiki-inspired details, and decorate the interior with tropical hues that nod to the sunset and the beach—peaches, corals, muted yellows and ocean blues.

Outdoor Bathroom Ideas for the Patio and Pool

Modern & Contemporary

Homeowners who favor a more contemporary design aesthetic may appreciate a geometric-inspired bathroom design. This bathroom might be a bit more open and could feature a doorless design that includes a maze-like entryway that leads into a modern floor plan. The main bathroom may feature a classic block design with interior fixtures that accentuate the classic, but modern ambiance. Think about contemporary but streamlined sinks, touchless faucets and pop-art décor.

Outdoor Bathroom Ideas for the Patio and Pool

The Outdoor Bathroom Oasis

Outdoor bathrooms can be extravagant. Some homeowners want more than just an area of convenience during parties or outdoor reverie. Install a waterfall shower, a sauna or other high-end features in an outdoor bathroom to create a luxurious spa setting. A massive soaking tub also can be included. These bathrooms may be sheltered with a massive rock or stone (or perhaps marble!) patio enclosure. 

Beautiful greenery or floral arrangements can be added throughout the design. Homes located in exotic areas may include outdoor bathrooms as the home’s main bathroom. These beautiful bathrooms may extend from the master bedroom as walkout features.

When designing luxury outdoor bathrooms, the sky really is the limit. If your budget is high—or unlimited—work with a designer to create the oasis of your dreams.

Outdoor Bathroom Ideas for the Patio and Pool

Just a Shower

Outdoor showers are a convenient feature to include for guests to rinse away chlorine. These showers can be a simple fixture with a drained brick or tile floor. They may be out in the open or enclosed for privacy. While this option isn’t a full bathroom, installing an outdoor shower can keep chlorine from being tracked indoors! Installing just a shower can be a low-budget option; according to Zillow, a cold-water shower may cost less than $1,000.

Outdoor Bathroom Ideas for the Patio and Pool

Basic & Simple

Some homeowners just want a basic and simple bathroom. Construct a classic outdoor bathroom as a separate area near the pool or off the patio. The bathroom may even be connected to the garage or pool shed. Keep the design basic, and choose a tile or a concrete floor. This look—when simplified—can be a lower-budget option for homeowners who want the added convenience of an outdoor bathroom. If your bathroom is simple, make sure that you keep the area streamlined—and avoid clutter!

What is the Cost of an Outdoor Bathroom?

Prices for installing or building an outdoor bathroom vary. If a homeowner is incredibly DIY-savvy, they may save thousands of dollars on this project. For homeowners who aren’t so handy with the tools, hiring a pro may be the only option. HomeGuide estimates that if homeowners are installing a bathroom in an existing room or area (remodel), the cost of the project could range from a few thousand dollars to more than $12,000. The price to build a new bathroom varies, but homeowners could expect to drop between $18,000 and about $47,000, according to the site.

What about Energy-Efficient Designs?

Homeowners adding a new bathroom may face higher energy bills related to electricity and water. Think about including energy-efficient features to lower these costs. Install low-flow fixtures and make sure all lighting is LED; homeowners also could consider installing lights that utilize sensors to ensure that guests don’t leave the area illuminated after they leave. Solar panels also could be an energy-efficient option.

Is an outdoor bathroom right for your home? For homeowners with a pool or who entertain outdoors often, an additional bathroom may be the perfect solution to ensure that guests aren’t constantly going in and out of the house. 

Outdoor bathrooms also are a convenient option that also can add to the outdoor ambiance. Even if you don’t host guests, this extra bathroom keeps the fun outdoors and ensures that chlorine water from the pool isn’t tracked throughout the house. Set your budget and consult a pro to figure out what design option works best for your home!