What Makes a Smart Home Smart

What Makes a Smart Home Smart

By now, you’ve probably heard about smart homes, but if you’re like many others, you may be wondering what exactly makes a smart home smart. A smart home is essentially one that is connected, automated, and remote-controlled. Smart homes make life more convenient by using the Internet and mobile devices to help you better control different features of your home. Still confused? Take a look at this room-by-room guide to learn what’s inside a smart home:



One of the most popular smart appliances is the smart refrigerator, which features a touchscreen on the front with a number of different features. For example, let’s say you open the refrigerator and realize that you’re running low on milk. Instead of making a mental note to buy milk, simply add it to the grocery list on the touchscreen. This list can be accessed through your smartphone, so you can pull it up the next time you’re at the grocery store. The touchscreen also has a calendar where you can keep track of all of your family’s activities so you don’t forget to drop the kids off at soccer or take them to the dentist. This appliance is perfect for busy families who need a little help coordinating their lives with each other.

Cutting Boards

Search for your favorite recipes as you chop, slice, and dice on a smart cutting board. The recipe will appear right on the cutting board, so you can follow along with the directions without having to pull out your smartphone or tablet.

Coffee Maker

If you can’t get out of bed without a fresh cup of hot coffee, a smart coffee maker may be the perfect device for you. Smart coffee makers can be controlled through an app on your smartphone, so you can start brewing coffee before you’ve even rolled out of bed. Additionally, you can use home brewer for brewing or ølbrygning your beer.



It’s all about convenience and comfort in a smart bedroom, starting with the bed itself. Many smart homes feature smart beds that make you more comfortable by giving you the power to control the temperature. If you like being cold, but your partner likes to be hot when they sleep, the settings of the bed can be adjusted so one half of the bed is cold and the other is warm. Some of these smart beds even automatically make themselves with a push of the button!


There’s nothing worse than sleeping on a pillow that is too hard or too soft. People that have a smart bedroom will never experience this problem when they sleep on smart, adjustable pillows. Adjust the settings on a smart pillow to make it harder or softer, depending on your preference. Then, get a good night’s sleep before your pillow, which also doubles as an alarm clock, wakes you up in the morning.


Have you ever wondered why you’re still tired after a full night’s sleep? A smart mattress may be able to answer this question for you. A smart mattress connect to an app on your smartphone so you can track how many hours a night you are sleeping, how often you toss and turn while you sleep, and how long you are in a deep, REM sleep. You can use this information to figure out why you’re not sleeping as soundly as you should and what you can do to fix the problem.

Living Room

Security System

A smart security system can be set up throughout your home, not just in the living room. Once it’s set up, access a live feed from the cameras through an app on your smartphone. Some smart security systems even allow you to see who’s knocking at your door and then unlock or lock the door remotely. These systems help you feel more safe and secure in your own home.

Smart Lighting

There are several different kinds of smart lighting systems. Some systems can be controlled through your smartphone so you can turn lights on and off even when you’re not at home. Others have sensors that detect natural light in the room. When there’s not enough natural light, the system will activate and turn on some of the lamps or overhead lights in the room. Not only is this convenient, but it also helps you lower the amount of energy you use in your home by only using the lights you need.

Programmable Thermostats

Adjust the temperature in your home without getting off of the couch with a programmable thermostat that connects to your smartphone. But, a smart thermostat offers so much more than just convenience and comfort. It can also help you save energy if you use it appropriately. For example, adjust the settings so the air conditioner does not turn on during the hours that you are at work in the summer. By doing this, the Department of Energy estimates that you can save 10% on your utility bills.



Even toilets are becoming more high tech thanks to the increase in demand for smart homes. There are many different kinds of smart toilets, but most of them share common features. Smart toilets often have motion sensors that lift and lower the lid when they sense movement, self-cleaners that sanitize the inside of the bowl, and heaters that warm the seat when someone sits down.

Programmable Showers

Smart bathrooms also feature programmable devices that can be placed inside the shower. These smart devices can be programmed to remember your shower habits. Once you have adjusted the settings, you can control the temperature of the water, the way the water sprays down on you, and the lighting in the bathroom through this device.


Are you trying to lose weight or get in shape? A smart scale can help. Smart scales connect to your fitness tracker so you can monitor data from both devices at once through an app on your phone. These scales tell you much more than how much you weigh. Smart scales can also track your water weight, fat mass, bone mass, and body mass index.

Of course, you don’t need to have all of these smart home devices to consider your home a smart home. The beauty of a smart home is that you can pick which devices you need based on your family’s lifestyle. Choose a few of these devices for your home to start living a more convenient, comfortable, and smarter life!