Keep Cool This Summer With a Smart Home Thermostat

Keep Cool This Summer With a Smart Home Thermostat

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As temperatures continue to rise, people start looking for new ways to beat the heat. One great way to cool off and save energy is using a smart home thermostat to control your HVAC system. Let’s look at how a smart home thermostat can keep you comfortable all summer long.

Preset Temperatures

Smart thermostats are programmable so their temperature settings change based on the time of day. For example, if you’re working and no one is home, there’s no reason to have the HVAC system running. Program your smart thermostat to shut down when you leave for work and start back up when you return home. By turning your thermostat back 7-10 degrees Fahrenheit for eight hours a day, you can save up to 10 percent on your heating and cooling costs per year.

Automatic Adjustments

Every smart home thermostat allows for preset temperatures, but some models go one step further and automatically adjust their settings based on the conditions inside your home. The Nest thermostat models can sense temperatures in your home and adjust your system accordingly.

For instance, if someone’s using the oven, the Nest thermostat can adjust its settings after sensing your indoor temperature is slightly higher than usual. Nest claims that within one week the thermostat learns what settings you prefer to better adjust your temperatures to comfortable ranges. If you typically adjust your AC during different times of the day, smart home thermostats pick up on this pattern and make adjustments without your help.

Motion Detectors

Certain smart home thermostats utilize motion detectors to sense when someone is home. The EcoBee thermostat comes with room sensors to place around various rooms in your home, letting the device detect motion and take temperature readings throughout the day. If the thermostat detects no one is home, it automatically adjusts the temperature so you’re not cooling an empty house. If the sensors detect motion and high temperatures in a room, they’ll turn on the air conditioning so long as you’re still in that room.

smart home thermostat

Remotely Controlled

Many smart home devices offer remote control, and smart home thermostats are no different. Nearly every smart thermostat is controllable using an app on your smart device. This feature comes in handy if you leave the house without adjusting your settings.

In addition to offering remote control of your settings, the apps also track how much energy you’re using to keep your home comfortable. This lets you stay on top of your energy consumption and determine if you’re using too much energy every month. Homeowners who’re really interested in cutting back on energy use can set goals for themselves and use the apps to meet or exceed them.

With summer just getting started, staying cool is suddenly something to worry about. Whether you live in the scorching heat, or just experience a few uncomfortably hot weeks, smart home thermostats can keep your house cool.

What’s more, the smart thermostats also save you energy. There’s nothing better than staying comfortable while also saving money.