How to Get Help Paying Bills With a Home Energy Audit

How to Get Help Paying Bills With a Home Energy Audit

Home Energy AuditAre you hoping to learn how to get help paying bills? Instead of worrying about how to pay bills, homeowners should focus on lowering them by consuming less energy. Making simple changes throughout your home can drastically lower your monthly utility bills. Where do you begin? With a home energy audit.

What is a Home Energy Audit?

Think of a home energy audit as a report card that grades your home’s energy efficiency.  An energy audit, also known as an energy assessment, will tell you how your home is consuming energy and what steps you can take to make it more efficient. The audit looks at multiple parts of the home, such as the condition of the insulation or whether or not there are leaks around doors and windows, and determines where energy is being wasted. Using this tool will teach you how to get help paying bills, since the suggestions that a home energy audit makes will cut back on your energy consumption and therefore lower your monthly bills.

Why is a Home Energy Audit Important?

If you want to learn how to get help paying bills, a home energy audit is a logical next step for you. Why? It is estimated that you can save between 5-30% on your energy bill by following the recommendations provided at the end of a home energy audit. It can be difficult for you to look around your house and spot what areas are wasting energy, so it’s important to have an audit done so you know where upgrades or repairs are needed.

Besides the benefits that it brings in teaching you how to get help paying bills, a home energy audit can also show point out any health or safety issues that may be present in your home, such as poor quality of air. Performing a home energy audit can also teach you and other members of your family more about reducing your carbon footprint and living a green life, two skills that everyone can benefit from.

Home Energy Audit

How Benefyd Can Help

Although there are plenty of professional home energy auditors, there’s no reason to call for help when Benefyd makes it possible to do it on your own. Download the free benefyd app to get started with your home energy audit. Once you have the app, Benefyd will guide you through your home room by room to give you a snapshot of how each area of your house is consuming energy. As you move through each room, the app will prompt you with questions such as “how old is your refrigerator?” or “what’s the condition of your weatherstripping?” These questions will help the app determine how efficient your home is to prepare a final report.

Once you’ve finished answering the simple questions, you’ll instantly receive a report with suggestions on how to get help paying bills by improving your energy efficiency. The app will also inform you of any rebates or offers with your local energy company that you can take advantage of to put even more money back in your pocket. In as little as five minutes, you can complete the Benefyd home energy audit and be well on your way to learning how to get help paying bills.

With Benefyd making home energy audits so easy (and free!), there’s no excuse to delay any longer!