Do Energy-Efficient Appliances Really Save Money?

Do Energy-Efficient Appliances Really Save Money?

As costs rise for consumers, finding ways to save could be necessary. When an appliance needs to be replaced, homeowners might look for the least expensive option they can find. Yet, these cheaper models might use more energy and cost more money to operate each month; while the cost might be more affordable, the operational cost could lead to more spending than savings.

Do energy-efficient appliances really save money? Yes, these appliances save money as they use less energy for the same performance. In addition, energy-efficient models are available for a variety of household appliances including:

  • Refrigerators
  • Washers and dryers
  • Dishwashers
  • Freezers
  • Televisions

Monthly Savings Varies Per Appliance

All energy-efficient appliances that feature the ENERGY STAR label use less energy and, thus, can help homeowners save money each month. However, the savings related to each appliance might vary. Here’s how much homeowners could save related to each appliance when they opt for a model with the ENERGY STAR label.

Do Energy-Efficient Appliances Really Save Money


According to the ENERGY STAR, older refrigerators (15+ years old) can add up to $80 per year to the electric bill. To save money, homeowners can choose an ENERGY STAR model, which uses 35 percent less energy than the older model.

There are numerous options for ENERGY STAR refrigerators. Homeowners can search for a refrigerator via ENERGY STAR’s Product Finder tool. The tool lets consumers search through their options and even sort their results to view the most efficient products at the top.

Refrigerators come in different sizes and designs; they also offer different features. Choose the energy-efficient model that fits the budget and fits the space, too.

To keep these appliances running efficiently, homeowners should clean the coils regularly and be mindful that this appliance isn’t pushed too close to a wall.

Do Energy-Efficient Appliances Really Save Money

Washers and Dryers

Washers and dryers can be offered separately or in combo units. Washing and drying clothes can add to the electricity and/or natural gas costs of the home. In addition, every load of laundry also uses water and contributes to the cost of this utility, too. Some top-loading washing machines can drain up to 45 gallons of water to clean one load of laundry.

Choosing an ENERGY STAR dryer can help homeowners save, as these appliances use 20 percent less energy compared to traditional models. ENERGY STAR washers use a third less water and one-fourth less energy compared to other models.

Again, consumers can choose the models that are priced in their budget range and that fit in their space. Be mindful of a unit’s measurements; to ensure that a new model fits into a space; homeowners can measure their current model and find a new energy-efficient model with similar dimensions.

To save more energy, homeowners should opt to use the coldest water possible for their laundry. However, for safety reasons and proper cleaning, some clothes and stains require hot water. In addition, homeowners also should opt to only wash full loads of laundry; those small loads could be an energy drain.

Do Energy-Efficient Appliances Really Save Money


Dishwashers are convenient and allow homeowners to save time hand-washing dirty dishes. However, outdated dishwashers can waste up to 15 gallons of water.

Newer ENERGY STAR models are more efficient and can wash that load of dishes using about four gallons of water. ENERGY STAR dishwashers only add about $35 per year to the homeowner’s utility bill and they can save more than 3,800 gallons of water (across the life of the appliance).

Do Energy-Efficient Appliances Really Save Money


Some homeowners opt for a separate freezer to store bulk items like meat or vegetables. According to ENERGY STAR, choosing these labeled products allows homeowners to add less than $30 to their utility bill for freezing their foods. ENERGY STAR chest freezers use 10 percent less energy than other options.

Do Energy-Efficient Appliances Really Save Money


Today’s homeowners might have numerous televisions in their home. Those screens can use more energy than consumers realize, though. Models with the ENERGY STAR label boost the efficiency of those glowing screens by 25 percent.

Swapping out all television models for upgraded energy-efficient models could help homeowners lower their energy use and save a bit of money on their electricity bill, too.

More Products to Save Money and Energy

ENERGY STAR offers a vast product list of energy-efficient appliances. The ENERGY STAR label also can be found on computers, computer screens, copiers/scanners, dehumidifiers, furnaces, air conditioners and more.

For every appliance type, homeowners can use the Product Finder to search for their options. Homeowners who want to make the most impact on their energy consumption and their utility bills might switch out old appliances for newer energy-efficient models as each product hits the end of its lifespan.

Some energy-efficient products also qualify for rebates that can help offset the price of these products. Homeowners can search for rebates via the ENERGY STAR website. Homeowners interested in finding more ways to save and cut energy costs also can download the benefyd app to conduct a home energy audit and find product rebates, too. benefyd is free via both Google Play and the App Store.