The Top 8 Products for the Energy Efficient Home

The Top 8 Products for the Energy Efficient Home

energy efficient home

Energy efficiency isn’t just easier on the environment; it also saves you money! When you invest in an energy efficient home, the benefits are tremendous. However, it’s important to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money when purchasing energy efficient products. To help you make smart buying decisions, we’ve put together a list of our favourite products for energy efficient homes.

Smart Power Strips

Most people are familiar with power strips. The handy devices allow you to connect multiple appliances to a single electrical outlet. Though with traditional power strips, devices plugged in often consume electricity even when you aren’t using them.

This results in larger electrical bills and poor home energy efficiency. Smart power strips solve this problem by cutting power to connected items in standby mode. In an average home, this can save you 5-10 percent of the energy you consume.

Charging Stations

Did you know that smartphones plugged into the wall continue to use energy even when they’re charged? Similar to traditional power strips, you’re wasting valuable energy every time you plug in your device.

The solutions are something called “smart” charging stations. These stations allow set charging schedules that cut power when the connected device is fully charged. Or, you can purchase a station with an on/off switch. Flipping a switch is considerably easier than remembering to unplug your phone after charging.

LED Lights

One of the best value-for-money options when making your home energy efficient is replacing your existing lights with LED bulbs. Lighting accounts for 25 percent of the average home’s energy costs, which lets energy efficient LED lights really impact your savings.

While it’s true LED lights are more expensive than regular bulbs, they make up for the initial cost by lasting much longer.

Smart Thermostats

In recent years, smart thermostats like the NEST have really taken off in popularity. Their ability to save owners both power and cash have made them appealing to those looking for an easy way to save energy.

The thermostats work by adjusting the temperature in your house based on whether or not you’re home, and which rooms are in use. How much money smart thermostats save varies, but most claims fall just short of $150 per year.

Energy Saving Apps

There’s an app for almost everything these days, so why not have one for optimizing your home’s energy efficiency? Apps like Benefyd ask a few quick questions about your energy habits, and then generate a comprehensive report that provides ideas on how to improve your efficiency. You can even see how much each suggestion will save you over the course of a year (or a lifetime!).

Smart Fridges and Kitchen Appliances

Some people complain about smart fridges because of their high price tag, and many wonder how you improve efficiency on a device that constantly runs. The answer, is that smart kitchen appliance save you money by consuming less power during peak demand cycles.

The fridges can also encourage your utility company to provide incentive payments, reducing your costs as a homeowner and putting less stress on your local grid.

Energy Efficient Plumbing

Energy efficient toilets provide another excellent way to reduce your energy consumption, this time by saving water. If your toilet was made earlier than 1994, replacing it with a high-efficiency model can save you more than 4,000 gallons of water per year.

High Efficiency Laundry Machines

Washing your clothes uses significant energy and water. However, using an ENERGY STAR certified washer can lower your costs up to 25 percent when compared to standard washers.

Using a combination of energy efficient products and smart devices will help make your home home environmentally friendly, and lower your current costs. Look out for these innovative products the next time you decide to revamp your home’s energy efficiency.