Easy, Low Budget Curtain Hacks

Easy, Low Budget Curtain Hacks

Window coverings are expensive. New curtains and blinds can run up the budget, but keeping the hot sun from peeking into the home also can help lower energy costs. If you need to cover those windows, but you don’t have the extra money, you can try easy curtain hacks to help keep your rooms insulated at little to no cost.

While you might need a sewing machine for a few of these tricks, many are so easy that they don’t require any stitching or special supplies. If you have curtains that have seen better days and need to be replaced, don’t toss them out. If they no longer serve their purpose, you can recycle them and use the old curtains in other ways.

DIY Curtain Ideas

If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on new window treatments, think unique. There are many ways to make your own curtains, and most of these ideas a low-cost. You can use old linens, drop cloths and more. Here’s how to DIY a new set of curtains!

1.   Bed sheets can make pretty (and pretty cheap!) curtains!

A simple bed sheet can be used to cover your windows to keep out the sun or the cold. Simply hang a fitted sheet on a curtain rod for a DIY window covering.

If you want a more finished curtain for the window, you can find many online curtain patterns to transform that sheet into a standard looking window covering. You also can find many unique linens at thrift stores that can be transformed into window coverings. Or buy second hand curtains and add your own finishing touches.

Easy, Low Budget Curtain Hacks

2.   Make drop cloth curtains.

The Cheat Sheet notes that drop cloth curtains also are an easy (and cheap!) curtain hack. Drop cloths can be purchased cheaply, and they make rustic chic curtains. If you’re crafty, add embroidered details to these curtains for a Boho aesthetic.

Easy, Low Budget Curtain Hacks

3.   Buy an inexpensive shower curtain.

Another inexpensive window covering recommendation from The Cheat Sheet? A shower curtain! Opt for a cloth shower curtain to keep the window covered. Shower curtains can be a fun choice, because they come in so many different patterns and colors. You can even choose an aquarium-themed curtain for your bedroom!

Easy, Low Budget Curtain Hacks

4.   Thrift a unique curtain rod, or make your own.

If your curtains are still in good condition but you want a new look, upgrade the rod. A unique curtain rod can spruce up the look of plain or inexpensive curtains. Check out your local thrift store to see if you can score a new (and fancier) curtain rod. If you’re handy with wood, you may even make your own and add a unique carved detail at the ends. Want a simple rod upgrade? Grab some spray paint to change-up the color!

Reuse & Recycle Old Curtains

If you’re about to toss out your old curtains, hold off on the dumpster! Recycle these linens so that you don’t add to the textile waste that already pollutes our landfills. Here’s how to reuse and recycle your old curtains.

Easy, Low Budget Curtain Hacks

1.   Make curtain pillows!

Those old curtains may have a dated pattern or look faded after years of use. Cut them up and turn them into funky throw pillows. If the curtains are faded, you can liven up their hue by using fabric dye. Throw pillows are really easy to DIY. Try these throw pillow tutorials for a simple project.

2.   Use curtains as a shower curtain in the bathroom.

If you can use a shower curtain for window curtains, you also could use your old curtains for the shower. Again, though, you may need to utilize fabric dye to enhance the color or to give those old window treatments a new look.

Easy, Low Budget Curtain Hacks

3.   Turn old curtains into a tablecloth.

Drape Style suggests turning old curtains into a table cloth, although the site notes that you may have to tailor the curtains to fit the table. If those old curtains are silk or even heavy brocade, the fabric could look elegant topping a side table in a formal living area.

Easy, Low Budget Curtain Hacks

4.   Create formal napkins.

DIY & Crafts recommends transforming old drapes into napkins. Formal curtain designs could make elegant napkins for dinner parties. However, if your curtains have a coated interior (to block out the sun), they won’t be suitable for this craft project.

Easy, Low Budget Curtain Hacks

5.   Turn those old curtains into a new outfit.

Love the funky or fun pattern? Turn the drapes into a dress, a skirt or a new top. Yes, your window covering can become wearable. Hunt down your favorite pattern and get sewing!

Easy, Low Budget Curtain Hacks

6.   Make a dog bed.

Your furry friend can benefit from those old curtains, too. The Sewing Loft notes that you can turn old curtains into a dog bed. Those cute (but old!) curtains can be transformed into a colorful and unique dog bed that adds character to the room.

There are so many ways to create DIY curtains to keep out the sun and cold air. Use old bed linens, drop cloths or even a shower curtain! If those old curtains have seen better days, repurpose them and give those window treatments another life as pillows, a dog bed, a shower curtain or even clothes. Use curtain hacks to embrace a DIY lifestyle and give your room character and a unique style!