DIY Window Curtain “Hacks” That Can Save You Money!

DIY Window Curtain “Hacks” That Can Save You Money!

Curtains play an important role in the home. These window treatments make the room feel more elegant and luxurious, provide privacy, and control the amount of light that enters your home. But, many homeowners are unaware that their curtains can also help them financially. How?

Here are six DIY curtain “hacks” that will save you money:    

DIY Dye Your Curtains

If you’re ready for a change, there’s no need to waste money on new curtains. Instead, use fabric-safe dye to give your current curtains a complete makeover. Dying curtains is much less expensive than buying new curtains, but that’s not the only benefit of this hack. It is also much easier to match the color of the curtains to the rest of the room if you are dying them on your own. You are in complete creative control with this DIY project!

Spray Paint the Curtain Rod

Brass curtain rods are incredibly trendy right now, but they can cost anywhere from $30-60. Save yourself money while also staying on trend by spray painting your current curtain rod with a metallic brass paint. No one will ever know your curtain rod is not actually brass, however you will certainly see the difference in your bank account!

Replace Curtains With An Herb Garden

Another option would be to get rid of the curtains altogether and replace them with a hanging herb garden. Herbs such as mint, parsley, and oregano are easy to grow indoors, so these are perfect for your new garden. Keep the hanging herb garden close to the kitchen so you can quickly grab the herbs you need for the dish you’re preparing. You’ll never have to buy herbs at the store again!

Put Up Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are named for their ability to block natural light from entering a room. During the summer, these curtains can be used to keep the outside heat from coming into your home. In the winter, the curtains can be closed to provide extra insulation and trap heat indoors.

As a result, your heating and cooling system will not have to work as hard to keep your home comfortable, so you will save money with lower utility bills.

There are ways to spice up the traditional blackout look, too, like with these unique “hole-punch” curtains.

Layer Your Window Treatments

Don’t want to go full blackout? An easier way to better insulate your windows is through layering. Having multiple types of window treatments gives you more control over how much light (and heat) you would like to enter your home.

If it’s a beautiful but warm day, a thin but translucent curtain allows you a view of the outdoors, but will help keep some of the cool air in your home inside. If it gets too hot, close the next “layer” of curtains to block the sunlight and keep your home cool. In this way,

Switch the Direction of Curtains

Give your curtains a new look by pulling them in opposite directions! This easy criss-cross look creates a textured window treatment that is full of drama and flair.

Pulling the curtains in opposite directions also creates a unique layered window treatment and can hide a simple roller shade that blocks out more light and provides additional insulation.

Challenge yourself to complete all of the curtain hacks on this list. These DIY projects will not only make your home look more refreshed and updated, but they will also put money back in your pocket!