How To Make Your WINDOWS Energy Efficient

How To Make Your WINDOWS Energy Efficient

windows energy efficientMaking your home more energy efficient doesn’t have to mean a complete floor to ceiling renovation! In fact, you can get started on the transformation by taking on one area at a time. Are your windows contributing to energy loss in your home? You can find out quickly and easily by taking a HomeSelfe.

Here are other tips for upgrading your windows energy efficiency:

Make These Simple Switches

Switch to ENERGY STAR Windows

Most windows are not designed for energy efficiency, allowing air to leak out and heat to glare through and warm up your home to an uncomfortable temperature. To maximize your windows’ energy efficiency, install ENERGY STAR windows that can help you save energy by about 12%, reduce your carbon footprint, and lower your monthly energy bill! Toronto windows can be installed without the help of a professional as long as you follow the instructions closely, and choose the right type based on your climate and direction that the window is facing.

windows energy efficient

Change the Drapes

Drapes that have lining and interlining are the best choice in terms of energy efficiency. These drapes will completely block out the hot sun and prevent heat from entering your home through the windows. Check your drapes to see if there’s a lining, and if not, consider changing to another style that will reduce heat gain more efficiently. To maximize energy savings, choose lined drapes that hang floor to ceiling and fold back against the wall.

Stop These Bad Habits

Close the Blinds

Are you one of the many homeowners with vertical or horizontal blinds? During the hot summer months, remembering to close the blinds can reduce the heat gain in your home by up to 45%! That means your air conditioning will not have to work as hard to cool your home, leading to a huge reduction on your monthly energy bill.

Tackle These Projects

Add Window Films

Window films are very thin sheets of plastic that stick to the window’s exterior to block heat from entering the home. Adding these to the windows in your home, especially those that are directly facing sunlight, will lower the temperature in your home without the help of air conditioning. Some window films are able to reduce the heat gain in your home by around 70%! You can even pick out a beautiful stained glass design to add a decorative touch to your energy efficiency project!

Caulk Inoperable Windows

Are there any windows in your home that you don’t open frequently? Seal up tiny air leaks around the windows’ perimeter with caulk from your local hardware store. When you buy caulk, remember that you will typically use about half of a cartridge per window, so plan accordingly. Caulking is easy to apply, just remember these tips:

  •  Clean all areas and remove old, cracked caulking prior to applying a new layer.
  •  Hold the caulking gun at a 45 degree angle to get deep into the cracks of the window.
  • Caulk in one continuous motion from one end to the other of the window.
  • If the caulk begins to rise and seep out of a crack once it’s been applied, push it back into place gently with a putty knife.


Although caulking can be used to seal air cracks on inoperable windows, weatherstripping must be used on windows that are frequently opened. Luckily, weatherstripping is another do-it-yourself project that does not require the help of a professional. Simply purchase a kit from the hardware store, cut the weatherstripping to fit around each side of the window, and firmly press it into place around the perimeter of the window.

With these simple changes, you’ll be one step closer to an energy efficient home!