5 Reasons Why You Need to Care About Energy Efficient Flooring

5 Reasons Why You Need to Care About Energy Efficient Flooring

Energy efficient flooring, or radiant heating, has been used as a heating method since the days of ancient Rome. Back then, they accomplished this by leaving an open space under the flooring and heating it with gases from a furnace or a fire. Hot air passed through the floorboards, heating the rooms above. Whatever caused the fall of Rome, it definitely wasn’t cold feet.

Nowadays, the execution is a little different, but the principle stays the same. Adding energy efficient flooring to your home renovation plans just makes sense: it lets you heat your home evenly, save money through efficient energy use, enjoy better air quality, and get your floor space back (no more bulky radiators!). Not convinced? Here’s why you should be:

energy efficient flooring

#1: Heat Your Home Evenly with Energy Efficient Flooring Systems

Old-school furnaces heat the home by forcing warm air through vents, where it rises to the ceiling, leaving your rooms unevenly heated so there are cool patches. The upper level of a house ends up being way too hot, while the lower levels stay chilly. Energy efficient radiant floor systems use a series of hot water tubes or wires under the floor to produce heat evenly over its entire surface, so you don’t find yourself freezing when the thermostat is set to 72.

#2: Save on Your Utility Bill

energy efficient flooring

Radiant heating systems can help you save on your utility bill. This type of system works more efficiently than other types of heating sources because it doesn’t lose any heat through ducts: the heat all ends up in your home, where it belongs. Plus, radiant heating works with nearly any energy source, which means that if you have solar panels on the roof you can save even more.

#3: Increase Your Air Quality

Most homes have forced air heating systems, which cycle air through the ducts in your home and drag dander and dust from one room to the next. By contrast, radiant heating systems don’t circulate any air at all, so allergens don’t end up continuously airborne: they settle, so you can wipe them off surfaces (or remove them with a floor unit air filter). If you have allergies or asthma, then an underfloor heating system can be a lifesaver.

#4: Maximize Your Floor Space

You’re probably used to dealing with vents, radiators, or a furnace taking up valuable floor space in your home. Radiant heating systems are entirely located under the floor, which means more open space, and no more arranging your furniture around the heating system.

#5: Increase Your Home Value

energy efficient flooring

Home buyers want energy efficiency more than any other factor in a new home. Installing energy efficient flooring adds to your value in these eco-minded buyers’ eyes, making the home look that much more appealing (and sell that much faster).

More homeowners are focusing their renovations on energy efficiency as well as home value and comfort, and energy efficient flooring hits the mark on all three. Whether you’re looking to add an investment to your property in preparation to sell, or hoping to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient for your own benefit, consider radiant heating systems as part of your next renovation project.