Why Energy Efficient Doors are an Important Part of Your Home

Why Energy Efficient Doors are an Important Part of Your Home

Energy Efficient Doors

A home renovation project is a great chance to replace components that you wouldn’t normally consider a high priority—for instance, the doors. Even if your current doors have some life left in them, replacing them with energy efficient doors can have valuable benefits, including better comfort, less energy consumption, and a positive impact on your home’s value. Here’s why you should take the plunge now:

Reduce Total Energy Consumption

You waste more energy than you think through your home’s doors. When your home uses doors that are properly insulated with plenty of thermal reflection ability, the temperature stays consistent and it takes less energy to maintain your preferred conditions.

You can tell how energy efficient a door is by looking at its R-value, or reflectivity value, which tells you how much energy it reflects. Doors are rated between 1 and 9, with 1 being the least reflective and 9 being the most. The more energy it reflects, the more energy is kept inside the home. For best results, choose a door with a value between 7-9 if possible, but don’t go below 5 if you can help it.

In addition to being friendly to the environment, reducing your total energy consumption shaves dollars off your utility bill, which translates into savings over time. In this regard, you can choose and buy best exterior doors from klarfonster and can set those up by yourselves.

Qualify for Tax Credits

Energy Efficient Doors

Homeowners can qualify for tax incentives when they install energy efficient doors on their property, equaling 30% of the purchase cost and up to $1,500. If you needed extra encouragement to install energy efficient doors, this cost reduction may be just the ticket. It also holds true for energy efficient windows, so consider going all-out and upgrading other areas of your home.

Keep Your Home More Comfortable

Energy Efficient Doors

Standard doors can negatively affect your home’s climate control by letting the air conditioning seep out, or letting the heat and humidity seep in, especially if your door has a low R-value or an ill-fitting frame. When unnecessary humidity comes into your home, it’s not only uncomfortable, but damaging to your belongings, too.

Keep your home at a consistent temperature and humidity value when you invest in doors that actually fit the frames and are designed to minimize energy transfer. You’ll sleep and function better, no matter what the season.

Protect Your Belongings

The sun damages your furniture and flooring over time, especially if your front door has a window, or if you use glass doors. Whenever you have a door that faces into the sun, make sure you replace it with a door that has low-emissivity coating. In addition to contributing to energy efficiency, this coating reduces UV damage from the sun, which severely fades wood finishes and fabrics over time.

Increase Your Home Value

Home buyers care about energy efficiency. If you think you might want to sell your home in the future, energy efficient doors are one more selling point that a Realtor can use to elevate your home’s appeal and value to potential buyers. Look at energy efficient doors as an investment, not a cost.

Even if you don’t actively notice any issues with your home’s current doors, chances are that you’ll see an improvement by switching to energy efficient. When it comes to a component as fundamental as a door, don’t skimp. It makes more of a difference than you think.