How to Save When Seasons Change

How to Save When Seasons Change

Regardless of what time of year it is, there is always a way to save energy inside and outside of your home. But, as the seasons change from summer to fall this year, so should your energy saving habits.

Why do you need to change with the seasons?

Each season has different energy needs, so the changes you implement in summer will not be as effective in fall. For example, outside temperatures are much hotter in the summer than the fall, so you won’t need to focus as much on keeping the cool air in your home. Instead, you will need to adjust to the slight drop in temperatures and the leaves that will fall from the trees onto your lawn. But don’t worry, you won’t need to make major, expensive changes to move through summer onto the next season. Most of the adjustments you will have to make are minor and involve equipment and appliances you already have installed in your home. So, as you start to put away your summer tank tops and flip flops, spend an afternoon moving through your home to get it ready for the fall season.


What are the benefits of saving energy?

It may seem like a hassle to adjust as the seasons change, but the benefits of saving energy are well worth the minor inconvenience. Saving energy helps the environment. Today, the U.S. uses 56% less energy than it would if there were no energy efficient appliances in existence or policies in place. The more energy that is used, the more oil, natural gas and coal we have to import. Efforts to save energy in your home will not just benefit you, but the world around you as well.

The more energy you save, the more money you can put back in your pocket. The average U.S. household spends around $5,550 a year on energy, but your expenses don’t have to be this high. Much of this energy is wasted on appliances that remain plugged in, lights that are turned on when not in use, and heating and cooling systems that are working harder than they should. Cutting back on the electricity, water and gas you use while living in your home can drastically reduce your monthly utility bills.

Energy efficiency can also help you become more comfortable in your own home. No one wants to live in a drafty home where the chilly fall temperatures make their way in through doors and windows. Becoming more energy efficient also means you won’t have the headache of having to change your light bulbs on a regular basis or remember to turn off the lights when you live the house. An energy efficient home can be your oasis, but only if you make the effort to implement the necessary changes!