Quick Fixes: Home Energy Checklists

Quick Fixes: Home Energy Checklists

Concepts like energy efficiency and climate change can feel intangible and too big to grasp at times. It is easy to feel helpless or like the task is too challenging to participate in a meaningful way. Luckily, there is a direct relationship between saving energy and saving money which provides a strong incentive for us to tick those boxes off of our energy efficiency checklists.

This mutually beneficial relationship makes creating energy efficiency checklists a no-brainer. It is also an incredible learning opportunity for children and families to think about how their homes consume energy.


Breaking It Down

The great thing about an energy efficiency checklist is that it breaks down a big idea into manageable pieces and can be spread across different periods of time. For example, you can have daily tasks that focus on your regular usage of particular appliances and materials. You can also have weekly and monthly tasks that focus more on long-term repairs and creating overall conditions for energy efficiency (e.g. caulking windows, inspecting pipes, insulation, etc.). There is also an increasing number of quality resources out there to help you understand what should be on your energy efficiency checklist, helping you to get creative about how you save your money and the environment.

Tech Can Help

Increasingly, technological advances are helping with our energy efficiency efforts. Trends like home automation are making it easier for us to check items off of our energy efficiency lists. As such tools evolve, we can imagine a world where energy efficiency practices are built into our daily lives seamlessly in ways that allow all of us save money and our environment.

Managing A Major Priority

Addressing energy efficiency can be an entirely manageable priority in our daily lives. We just need to create and acquire the tools to help us enact this sort of positive change in our lives. Isn’t it amazing that just keeping a simple checklist can help us save the environment and save money for our families?