PRNewswire & HomeSelfe Support Earth Day Infographic

PRNewswire & HomeSelfe Support Earth Day Infographic

Homeselfe News Hits a2-3

We’ve been celebrating Earth Day every spring for over forty-five years now and 2016 was certainly no different. Given a day to pay homage to Mother Earth, HomeSelfe, makers of a free, downloadable, money and energy saving app, took this opportunity to share an infographic with popular news site PRNewswire.

According to the infographic, Earth Day is celebrated in almost two hundred different countries globally by over a billion people. This year, the Earth Day Network pledged to plant one tree for every human being on the planet by the year 2020 – that’s 7.8 billion new trees.

What Can One Person Do?

Often well-meaning individuals struggle to contribute to a good cause because they don’t know how to participate. PRN shares HomeSelfe’s advice to:

  • Visit the website and find events in your area
  • Start a recycling drive in your neighborhood or community
  • Donate to the Canopy Project which is also helping to reforest the planet
  • Run an energy efficiency report using the HomeSelfe app

“We want to empower individuals to make positive changes for our environment and their families this Earth Day,” shared HomeSelfe’s co-founder, Ameeta Jain. “HomeSelfe is dedicated to inspiring people to take action with small, practical changes that will benefit our world. Together, we can reduce our environmental impact. There is no time to waste, so we encourage families to take their first steps towards being part of the solution with one simple, completely free download.”

To see the infographic and read the article in its entirety, please visit their website here. Don’t just celebrate Earth Day once a year, do your part to protect the environment year-round.