How To Make Your HOME OFFICE Energy Efficient

How To Make Your HOME OFFICE Energy Efficient


More companies are beginning to allow their employees to work from home, meaning you may need a home office in order to get your job done. But, not just any home office will do. Make sure yours is energy efficient by following these tips:

Make These Simple Switches

Switch to energy efficient bulbs.

Do you have a lamp on your desk? Switch to a compact fluorescent lamp (CFL), which use between 25-80% less energy and last 3-25 times longer than traditional bulbs. In fact, every light in your home office should be powered by this type of bulb, not just your desk lamp. Switch out your overhead light to an energy efficient bulb as well for extra energy savings.

Use the laptop.

If you have both a desktop and laptop computer, or if you’re deciding which you should buy for your home office, always choose a laptop. It is estimated that laptops use about 80% less electricity than desktop computers, although the exact amount of energy saved will depend on which laptop model you have. Even when a laptop is plugged into an electrical outlet, it is more energy efficient than a desktop computer, so this is the eco-friendlier choice.

Stop These Bad Habits

Power down equipment.

Instead of simply walking away from your computer at the end of the day, take a few extra minutes to power down your computer, printer, and any other electronics you use during the day. Be sure to also unplug the devices from the wall, otherwise they may still consume energy even when they’re not turned on.


There may be times during the day that you walk away from your computer for a few minutes. In this situation, it wouldn’t be practical to power down your computer every time you step away. Turn on the hibernation or sleep mode instead of letting your computer go to a screensaver, which will still consume energy to power the computer’s monitor. It is recommended you turn off the monitor or put it in sleep mode if you plan on being away from the computer for more than 20 minutes, so keep this in mind.

Overusing the printer.

Instead of printing out every document, view and store it on your computer. This will help you reduce the energy you use to power your printer. Additionally, it will help you cut down on the amount of paper you use, which will greatly benefit the environment.

Tackle These Projects

Install a window treatment.

You may have thought putting your computer desk next to a window would allow you to let your mind wander when you needed a mental break, but it could be causing you to waste energy. Install drapes or blinds on your window and close them during the hottest hours of the day during the summer. If you don’t, the heat could make its way into your home and force your air conditioner to use more energy to keep you comfortable while you work.

With these tips, you can be energy efficient and productive while you work in your eco-friendly home office!