How to Make Your Windows Energy Efficient

How to Make Your Windows Energy Efficient

How much of your money literally flies out the window?

We don’t really think about how our windows affect our home. We open and close them, allow sunlight in and air out. Since most windows don’t require electricity, we don’t really think about how they interact with our utilities to create our home’s environment. Or, we might think of the basics, but don’t really understand the impact they have.

For example, many of us are aware of how the placement of windows affects the room they are in – northern and southern exposures bring seasonal light and warmth into a room, windows facing east will certainly wake bedrooms up at dawn, and western windows will keep a room lit and warm all day. However, we often don’t consider how much electricity that western exposure is saving by providing all that light in the room, or how much warmer a room with northern exposure will be in the winter (reducing the amount of heat required to make it comfortable).

The sun shining in windows can affect the inside, too. Sun fading can happen to your furniture and even your clothing if windows are not properly covered. The sun’s heat can increase the amount of air conditioning you need to make the house cool. Opening and shutting windows can let in undesirable temperatures, allergens, and insects.

All of these things contribute to your energy costs, and many homes are not fitted with energy efficient windows. However, that doesn’t have to stop you from having an energy efficient home! The following video is full of do-it-yourself tips for making any window energy efficient in ways that won’t break your budget. Benefyd can also help you find the places in your home that your energy sneaks out from, whether it’s your windows or some other way. So check out the video and take the first step toward reducing your utility bills by making your home energy efficient!