How to Find A Utility Rebate Program in Your Area

How to Find A Utility Rebate Program in Your Area

Utility Rebate Program in Your Area

There are many benefits to being an energy-conscious homeowner. You help the environment and you save money on your energy bills. But did you know that there are rebate programs designed specifically for energy savings?

What are Energy Rebate Programs?

Energy Rebate Programs are designed for consumers to receive cash rebates when installing new, energy efficient information technology or cooling systems. A majority of rebate programs that support renewable energy or energy efficiency are administered by states and utilities. The programs were designed by companies such as PG&E to create incentives for both homeowners and corporations to be more conscious of their energy use.

How are incentives broken down?

The incentives are broken down based on the equipment and the amount of energy saved. For most equipment, the rebate varies by utility. For IT equipment such as fans, motors, or air compression systems, consumers receive a 9 cent incentive per kWh saved.

For air conditioning and refrigeration, there is a 15 cent incentive per kWh saved. For on-peak demand reduction, the incentive is based on kW during On-Peak Demand. For server reduction due to consolidation or virtualization, the rebate is based on physical servers reduced.

You can receive up to a $200 rebate for each server removed. However, pre-and post-inspection is required.

How can you find the best energy rebate program in your area?

There are a few websites that specialize in helping consumers find the best rebate from in their area. If you are purchasing a new, specific appliance, you can take a look at the Energy Star Rebate Finder.  Founded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Energy Star appliances are certified to help consumers understand the impact products have on the environment.

To find an appliance rebate in their Rebate Finder, simply enter your zipcode into their website. You can narrow the results to the categories you are interested in.


If you are less sure about what you need to upgrade in your home or what utility rebate programs maybe be available to you, Homeselfe is the perfect option. You don’t want to apply for a rebate just to get the rebate; you want to be smart and upgrade your home in the most efficient way possible. For example, if you find an energy rebate offered by your local government to get money back for insulating your home, you don’t want to re-do your attic insulation, when it’s actually your home’s wall insulation that needs work!

benefyd’s home energy assessment helps you determine where your home needs energy efficient upgrades, and what upgrades are of the greatest priority. Once you’ve completed your assessment, you’ll also be directed to corresponding rebates in your area. This way you make sure the equipment and rebate is actually what you need to make your home more energy efficient.

Once you have researched the rebate programs in your area, you can apply for the rebate program that applies to you. You want apply before you install the technology in order to qualify. This way you can measure the amount of energy savings earned through your upgrade.

Energy rebate programs are just one way companies reward good energy-use behavior. With websites dedicated to getting you the information you need, it’s easier than ever to be energy efficient and keep your wallet in mind.