Energy-Efficient Electric Heaters Wall Mounted Help Create a Warm Outdoor Ambiance

Energy-Efficient Electric Heaters Wall Mounted Help Create a Warm Outdoor Ambiance

Some rooms in a home might just feel chilly, regardless of insulation or other factors. Weather can turn brisk suddenly, though, even during the summer. Chilly nights might not be uncommon in some areas of the country.

Homeowners that love to entertain outside on a porch might look for ways to add some warmth for their guests during barbecues or other festivities. Energy-efficient electric heaters wall mounted in a porch can help create a warm and welcoming outdoor ambiance…no matter the weather conditions.

Finding Energy-Efficient Electric Heaters Wall-Mounted

Some electric heaters are designed to be mounted to a wall, others stand alone and there are even baseboard heaters. Remember, heat rises. So the mounted heater or a baseboard heater could help heat circulate upwards. Or homeowners might simply choose a wall mounted unit for its convenience.

Space heaters with cords could be cumbersome. And these units might not be the best choice when hosting a gathering; homeowners don’t want to worry about guests tripping over the cord or the heating unit.

There are many options for space heaters, even wall-mounted varieties. Unfortunately, homeowners looking for energy-efficient electric heaters wall-mounted might need to do a little extra homework to find their best options.

Why? Space heaters or portable heaters aren’t currently don’t qualify for the ENERGY STAR label, and the Environmental Protection Agency doesn’t anticipate labeling these appliances in the future. While looking for other energy-efficient appliances may simply involve finding that convenient label, homeowners might have to do their own legwork to find their most energy-efficient options.

Energy-Efficient Electric Heaters Wall Mounted

Different Types of Electric Heaters

Home Air Guides explains that there are several different types of heaters; the difference is how these units heat the air. Homeowners can choose between a few different types (these all run on electricity):

  • Ceramic heaters
  • Fan heaters
  • Infrared heaters
  • Oil-filled heaters
  • Panel heaters

The Department of Energy explains that electric heaters are the safest unvented option to use in the home. However, they can still pose a fire or burn risk.  And, unfortunately, electric heaters are generally more expensive to use (per the DoE).

Homeowners also could use propane heaters, which don’t require electricity. However, there are other issues associated with this type of heater. Home Air Guides notes that not all of these can be used indoors, and some also have carbon dioxide emissions. In addition, the site notes there’s also an increased risk of fire…and explosion!

Even when these units are used outdoors, homeowners need to use caution and heed safety advice related to their use. For example, heaters should be kept away from anything that could catch fire. Don’t use a portable unit near furniture, drapes, etc. In addition, not all heaters also could be suitable for mounting on the wall.

The Department of Energy also notes that homeowners should look for the Underwriter’s Laboratory Label on products (purchase new heaters!). In addition, homeowners should choose units with a thermostat and that is appropriate for the size of the space.

In addition, the Consumer Product Safety Commission details that heaters shouldn’t be left unattended. Homeowners also should check the plug, outlet and panel to ensure that the unit isn’t running too hot (or overheating). The CPSC also notes that heaters shouldn’t be used if they are broken, used near water and the plug should be secure.

Energy-Efficient Electric Heaters Wall Mounted

Other Options to Warm Up?

While portable heaters aren’t labeled for energy-efficiency via the ENERGY STAR label, homeowners could research different options. HVAC Seer includes a list of options for screened porches—yes, one is a wall mounted option! The site Outdoor Happens includes its own list of outdoor wall-mounted space heaters!

If homeowners are only using these heaters for outdoor festivities, electricity use might not be a serious concern. By using these units sparingly, energy-efficiency could be controlled by homeowners.

When compared to central heating sources, smaller space heaters likely will not be as energy-efficient. While these portable choices can be a convenient option for homeowners to use in certain circumstances, they likely won’t be the most energy-efficient option.

When looking for ways to warm up the outdoor space during chilly nights, homeowners also could install a fire pit. This could be an inexpensive way to keep everyone warm and create a fun outdoor ambiance, too. Of course, there are many different fire pit options! And safety also is a concern—homeowners shouldn’t leave a fire unattended!

If homeowners are interested in using a wall-mounted space heater for a more permanent heating solution, they might want to look into other options. If there is a lack of central heating (like a furnace), using multiple space heaters could burn into the electricity budget. However, if a room in the home is constantly chill, there could be underlying reasons for the cooler temperature.

Homeowners might want to investigate issues related to that drafty room—this could be leaky windows, poor insulation, etc. Conducting a home-energy audit also could help homeowners find issues that are causing a cooler, draftier space. While using space heaters could be a short-term solution to warm up a cool space or outdoor area, finding true energy-efficient options might be difficult. And homeowners might wish to use these appliances sparingly…and cautiously.