Guide to Summer’s Best Energy Efficient Air Conditioners

Guide to Summer’s Best Energy Efficient Air Conditioners

energy efficient air conditioner

This summer has been one for the records. Reports of early heat waves and flights grounded due to the extreme temperatures have been all over the news. To avoid getting scorched by the summer sun, most experts recommend staying in an air-conditioned environment.

Air conditioners, however,  suffer just as much as we do during the summer months, particularly old or inefficient units that have to work twice as hard to beat the heat. If your AC isn’t up to the job, you’re looking at drastically high utility costs, or worse—a broken AC.

As such, many homeowners choose to install energy efficient air conditioners to keep their homes cool and comfortable—and their monthly bills low.

But how do consumers choose the best product for their unique needs? Fortunately, there are a few top-rated AC units that you should know about to help you narrow down your choices. Here is your quick guide to the best energy efficient AC units savvy customers are relying on this summer 2017:

Summer’s Top Picks in Energy Efficient Air Conditioners

Today’s air conditioning systems come equipped with cleaner air efficiencies and lower energy usage for the optimal indoor cooling experience. When searching for an energy efficient model, remember to look for the ENERGY STAR logo as an indicator that a specific product is truly Energy Star certified.

Some air conditioner models that are ranked among the highest in cutting edge technology and lowest in energy consumption include:

  • AirEase SCU/BCE Series with Comfort Sync™. The AirEase SCU/BCE Series with Comfort Sync™ is at the top of the line when it comes to both comfort and control.  With state-of-the-art equipment, this system preserves energy and maintains the precise level of cool air that homeowners are searching for when it is hot outside. This cooling system even uses less than 50 percent of energy consumption when compared to other standard AC units.
  • Amana AVXC20 with ComfortNet™ Control. The Amana AVXC20 with ComfortNet™ Control is another great option when it comes to energy efficiency. Reaching up to 23 in SEER cooling performance, means this unit can not only meet a homeowner’s cooling expectations, but also exceed them every time.
  • Armstrong SCU/BCE Series with Comfort Sync Communicating Thermostat. This energy efficient product allows for maximum indoor climate control and improved air quality. The Armstrong Series allows homeowners to adjust the unit’s settings to match their personal cooling preferences for a pleasant indoor experience that counters the rising outdoor temperatures.

energy efficient air conditioner

  • Lennox XC20 Series with iComfort Wi-Fi® Control. This modern, energy efficient unit can be conveniently controlled through the home’s Wi-Fi or smart home thermostat network for ease of use and communication.  It reaches up to 20 in SEER cooling performance for maximum reliability and relief from the warmer weather.

These models offer superior efficiencies and innovative equipment while providing you with comfort, reduced energy consumption, and increased cost savings on the monthly cooling bill.  A new energy efficient AC unit can truly make the difference when it comes to your comfort and peace of mind during the warmer summer months!