Do Dimmer Switches Save Energy in Smart Homes?

Do Dimmer Switches Save Energy in Smart Homes?

Lighting is a huge source of energy waste, but you don’t have to live in the dark to save on the power bill, especially if you live in a smart home. New energy efficient dimmer switches are programmable so you can take full advantage of their functionality by programming the exact amount of lighting intensity you want for given areas of the home, or given times of the day. Here’s how dimmer switches can save you energy:

The Evolution of Dimmer Switches

Old dimmer switches were designed to constrict the flow of electricity through a circuit. This works well in theory, but has a major disadvantage. When you turn the knob or move the slider on a dimmer switch, it converts unused electricity into heat. The hotter your dimmer switch runs, the more electricity it’s wasting.

do dimmer switches save energy

Modern dimmer switches use a different method for changing the amount of light released into a room. Every 120 seconds, the electrical circuit turns off and restarts. This is too quick for the human eye to notice, but it ensures that only the amount of energy needed is transmitted through the circuit.

The amount of energy released is directly proportionate to the light’s brightness. Fortunately, no energy is turned into heat, so there’s minimal waste. This saves energy and money: the dimmer switch modulates how much energy is needed in a circuit at any given moment in time.

Conserve Energy with Dimmer Switches

The biggest asset of a dimmer switch in a smart home is that you can program it to adjust the lighting power according to the time of day. Keep your switches at low light during the daytime and higher light during the night. This allows you to take full advantage of the sunlight and helps you to conserve energy when you don’t need to be using it.

do dimmer switches save energy

You can also think about different rooms in your house and how their light requirements differ, rather than using a single dimmer setting across the board. Maybe you want to have a brighter kitchen so you can see what you’re doing during cooking prep work. Conversely, maybe you prefer a darker bedroom so you can relax when you’re getting ready to sleep. Balance your lighting needs in a way that makes sense for your home, and program each smart dimmer switch separately to take full advantage.

Think Position

Pay attention to the position of your lights when choosing dimmer settings. Instead of turning the lights on full blast throughout the entire room, think about where you really need the light. For example, instead of having lots of lighting centrally located in a kitchen, you can use your dimmer switch to make sure that your brightest lighting is right over the counter, or right above the stove, wherever you need it. At the same time, you’re balancing your light needs so that you’re saving money without compromising on functionality.

do dimmer switches save energy

Every homeowner wants a house that’s energy efficient and comfortable, and dimmer switches can give you both! Consider using dimmer switches to channel your home’s lighting into savings, rather than electrical waste. It’s easy to save money on the electrical budget without living in the dark, so take the plunge now and rely on energy efficient dimmer switches to make your lighting smarter.