How Much Does A DIY Sprinkler System Cost?

How Much Does A DIY Sprinkler System Cost?

Your lawn needs water to survive, but relying solely on rainfall to keep your lawn hydrated is not ideal in most climates. Instead, it’s best to install a sprinkler system that will ensure your lawn gets the water it needs to thrive. Installing an irrigation system is a great way to upgrade your lawn. But how much will a DIY sprinkler system cost? The exact cost can vary, but you may be able to complete this DIY project for under $1,500. Here’s what you should know:

What Factors Affect the Cost Of DIY Sprinkler System Installation?

A number of factors will affect the cost of installing a sprinkler system on your own, including:

  • Type of Irrigation System
  • Type of Landscaping
  • Size of Yard

Type of Irrigation System

There are many different types of irrigation systems, and the one you choose will impact the overall cost of this project. A drip irrigation system is the least expensive option since it does not need to be buried underneath your lawn. Instead, it sits on top of your lawn and slowly releases water to ensure the ground has enough time to absorb it.

diy sprinkler system cost

This irrigation system is also the most energy efficient, so choosing this option may help you lower your water bill as well. 

Type of Landscaping

The landscaping can also affect the total cost of installation. Every type of landscaping has unique watering needs. Because of this, you may need to map out different zones in your lawn and adjust your system to meet the needs of each zone.

For example, you will need a sprinkler system with high-rise sprinkler heads to water shrubs, bushes, and other tall greenery. However, garden zones will require sprinkler heads that provide a gentle, slow stream of water.

The larger the number of different landscaping zones in your lawn, the more it will cost to install a sprinkler system. If you only have one landscaping zone, you may be able to install a system for less than $1,000.

Size of Yard

The larger your yard, the more it will cost to install a sprinkler system. This is because a larger yard will require a more complex system with a greater number of pipes, sprinkler heads, and other parts to distribute water to every inch of your lawn. 

The average cost of sprinkler system installation per acre is:

  • 1/4 acre: $2,460
  • 1/3 acre: $3,280
  • 1/2 acre: $4,920
  • 1 acre: $9,840
  • 2 acres: $19,680

Most lawns in the U.S. are one-quarter of an acre or smaller, but this can vary from state-to-state. For example, the average lawn size in California is around 0.12 acres, whereas the average lawn size in Montana is about 1.5 acres.

Should You Hire A Professional to Install A Sprinkler System?

You should not try to install a sprinkler system on your own unless you are an experienced handyman who has worked with these systems before. 

If you lack the recommended experience, you could end up doing more harm than good when trying to install an irrigation system. That’s why it’s best to turn to a professional for help with this project.

How Much Will It Cost to Hire A Professional to Install A Sprinkler System?

The same factors listed above—type of system, type of landscaping, and size of the yard—will affect the cost of professional installation. But on average, it will cost between $3,000 to $4,000 to hire a professional to install a sprinkler system.

Do You Need A Permit to Install A Sprinkler System?

Many cities and counties require homeowners to obtain an irrigation permit prior to installing a sprinkler system. This allows the city or county to keep tabs on the project and ensure that it meets certain safety regulations and is in compliance with local codes.

You will need to pay a fee in order to obtain an irrigation permit. This fee will vary depending on your location, but most building permits cost several hundred dollars. 

Do Sprinklers Add Value to Your Home?

Many homeowners hesitate to complete this project because of the cost involved, but don’t let this stop you from installing a sprinkler system.

It’s true that installing an irrigation system requires an initial upfront investment. But completing this project will add value to your home, which makes it a wise investment. 

A sprinkler system will keep your lawn healthy and hydrated, which increases curb appeal and makes your home more attractive to buyers. If you plan on selling in the near future, now is the time to invest in a sprinkler system.

Keep Your Lawn Looking Great With A Sprinkler System

Installing a sprinkler system is the first step to achieving the green, lush lawn of your dreams! If you need to install a sprinkler system, you can either tackle this project on your own or seek a professional’s help. Be sure to consider these options carefully to ensure you choose the option that is right for you.