Do Dimmer Switches Save Electricity (and Money)?

Do Dimmer Switches Save Electricity (and Money)?

Dimmer switches can be used to control the amount of light emitted from the lighting fixtures in your home. Instead of flipping a light on or off, you can turn a dimmer switch to the right or left to increase or decrease the lighting in the room. Having dimmer switches gives homeowners the opportunity to perfect the lighting in their home. But, it’s not all about aesthetics. Installing a dimmer switch could also help homeowners reduce energy usage and save money. Here’s how:

How Dimmer Switches Save Electricity and Money

To understand how dimmer switches save electricity, you must learn how a dimmer switch works. In the past, dimmer switches sent the same amount of energy to the light bulb regardless of how the switch was turned. The energy that was not needed to light the room was simply converted into heat. Therefore, these dimmer switches did not help homeowners reduce their energy use.

But, important changes have been made to the modern dimmer switch. The dimmer switches available today only send the energy that is actually needed to power the lights. This means if the lights are turned down low, the dimmer switch will send far less energy than it would if the lights were turned on bright. Basically, the lower the lights are set in the room, the less energy is being used.

Utility providers charge based on the amount of energy that is used every month. Because dimmer switches reduce energy use, installing a dimmer switch can help homeowners save money. The less electricity you use to power your lights, the lower your monthly utility bills will be.

How to Save Electricity Using Dimmer Switches

A dimmer switch cannot save electricity on its own—it needs your help. Instead of leaving the lights on at the same level throughout the day, adjust the dimmer switch to different level of light depending on the time of day. More lighting will be needed in the evenings and at night since there won’t be natural light flowing through the room. But, turn the dimmer switch down in the mornings and throughout the afternoons since less light will be needed when the sun is shining. To put it simply, homeowners should make an effort to frequently adjust the dimmer switch throughout the day so they are only using the light they need.

Getting up and down to adjust the lighting can be a pain, especially when you are trying to kick back and relax. To avoid this problem, consider investing in smart lighting that can be controlled using an app on your smartphone or tablet. If you install a smart lighting system, you won’t ever have to leave the couch to adjust the dimmer and save electricity.

Pay close attention to your utility bills in the months following the dimmer switch installation. You should start to see a decrease in the amount of electricity you are using every month, and more importantly, in the amount you owe to the utility provider. To maximize your savings, consider installing dimmer switches in every room in the house!