Deseret & HomeSelfe Help Deflate High Summer Utility Costs

Deseret & HomeSelfe Help Deflate High Summer Utility Costs

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For those living in areas that experience higher than normal utility costs during the hotter summer months, Deseret and HomeSelfe wants to help. Deseret News National, a Utah-based news and advisory group, recently posted an article on how “Hot Weather Can mean High Energy Costs, But It Doesn’t Have To,” and HomeSelfe also weighed in on this heated topic.

The publication shared both technical advice and some non-tech tips for beating the heat and taking some of summer’s sting out of our utility bills. One of the best technological tips comes from the installation of a programmable thermostat, which helps to reduce power consumption from air conditioners and coolers.

HomeSelfe’s Help

Another way HVAC systems take a beating during hotter summer months is when homeowners heat up the house when using the oven and other warming appliances. Cooking over a hot stove is one way many people are drawn to adjust the temperature inside their homes and therefore increase their energy consumption and raise utility rates.

“Many popular recipes require the use of an oven or stove; however, these appliances can seriously heat up your home and cause you to crank down the thermostat to cool off,” shared  Ameeta Jain, one of the co-founders of Benefyd. “Think of meals you can make without these hot appliances, such as salads, sandwiches or even recipes in a slow cooker, since these appliances don’t emit as much heat.”

Deseret also got some advice from Brett Graff, writer for The Home Economist when it comes to other ways to beat the summer heat. “Wear lighter clothes and sleep with a light blanket or just sheets. You’ll feel more comfortable with less air conditioning if you dress appropriately for summer,” said Graff. “So break it out, people – tank tops, gauzy dresses, linen shirts and cotton sheets. Make it mandatory for the whole family.”

To read all the recommendations that Deseret has to offer, please visit their website here. With some minor adjustments and lifestyle changes, you could be living in a cooler environment with some extra spending money this summer.