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Opelika, located in east-central Alabama, is Lee County's vibrant and historic city known for its rich railroad heritage. Established in 1854, Opelika is today celebrated for its diverse economy, which includes manufacturing and technology, as well as its charming downtown. With a population of approximately 30,000, the city boasts a blend of small-town hospitality and modern amenities, including well-regarded schools, beautiful parks, and a variety of cultural events. Points of interest include the Grand National Golf Course, part of the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail, and the Museum of East Alabama. Opelika's annual events, such as the Azalea and Dogwood Festival, embrace its Southern identity, while its proximity to Auburn University contributes to a lively collegiate atmosphere.

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Opelika, AL has taken strides in improving energy efficiency through various initiatives such as retrofitting municipal buildings with LED lighting and installing energy-efficient HVAC systems. The city promotes residential and commercial energy conservation programs with incentives for upgrading to more efficient appliances and conducting energy audits. In partnership with local utilities, Opelika has also seen an increase in the adoption of smart meters to help residents monitor and manage electricity usage more effectively. Efforts to incorporate renewable energy sources are underway, with solar panel installations on public buildings and community centers. Opelika's energy strategy emphasizes reducing reliance on fossil fuels and minimizing greenhouse gas emissions to create a sustainable and resilient energy infrastructure for future generations.

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Opelika's water efficiency efforts have been marked by significant investment in water infrastructure, including modernizing treatment facilities and replacing aging pipes to reduce leakage and conserve water resources. The city has implemented a tiered water pricing structure to incentivize conservation among residents and businesses. There is also an emphasis on public education regarding water-wise landscaping practices and the promotion of low-flow fixtures through rebate programs. Opelika's long-term water management plan prioritizes safeguarding water quality and quantity for the city and surrounding ecosystems, balancing the needs of economic development with sustainable water use.

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Opelika has made advancements in transportation efficiency by improving public transit options and supporting infrastructure for electric vehicles (EVs), including the installation of EV charging stations around the city. The city has invested in pedestrian-friendly sidewalks and bike paths to promote alternative modes of transportation that reduce vehicle emissions and traffic congestion. Initiatives such as 'Safe Routes to School' encourage walking and biking, enhancing the community's health and environmental quality. Opelika supports carpooling and ride-sharing programs to lessen the number of single-occupancy vehicles on the road. Through regional collaboration, Opelika aims to integrate transportation planning with smart growth policies, ensuring a multi-modal transportation network that serves the needs of all residents.

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Opelika has implemented a comprehensive waste management program focusing on reducing, reusing, and recycling materials to minimize landfill impact. Curbside recycling services are readily available to residents, encouraging the diversion of paper, plastics, metals, and glass from the waste stream. The city sponsors hazardous waste collection days to safely dispose of items like paint, batteries, and electronics, preventing environmental contamination. Local businesses are encouraged to participate in waste reduction efforts through partnerships and educational programs. The city's commitment to waste efficiency also includes maintaining a robust yard waste and composting program, turning organic waste into valuable soil amendments for public and private use.