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Old Forge

Old Forge, PA, often recognized as the "Pizza Capital of the World," is a borough in Lackawanna County with a rich Italian heritage. Founded in 1899, it has a population of around 8,000 and is known for its distinctive style of rectangular, tray-baked pizza with a thick, light crust. The town's history is steeped in coal mining and textile industry, which shaped its development. Despite its small size, Old Forge's pizza attracts visitors from across the country, making it a significant culinary destination in northeastern Pennsylvania.

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In Old Forge, PA, energy efficiency efforts have been steadily improving, with initiatives that focus on reducing energy consumption and increasing the adoption of renewable energy sources. The town has implemented energy-efficient LED street lighting to reduce municipal energy costs. Local businesses are incentivized to upgrade their facilities with energy-efficient appliances and systems through various grant programs. Residential energy assessments are becoming more popular, encouraging homeowners to insulate their homes and install energy-efficient windows and HVAC systems. Solar panel installations have seen a rise, supported by state-level tax credits and net metering policies. The community is increasingly aware of energy conservation, participating in local programs that promote smart thermostats and energy-efficient appliances. The local government has also been exploring the potential for small-scale hydroelectric projects along the nearby waterways, while energy education programs in schools are cultivating a culture of energy consciousness among the younger generation.

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Water efficiency in Old Forge is a priority, with measures in place to ensure the sustainable use and management of water resources. The town has invested in upgrading its water infrastructure to reduce leaks and minimize water loss during distribution. Residents are encouraged to use water-saving fixtures such as low-flow toilets and showerheads, supported by rebate programs. Rain barrels are promoted for outdoor watering needs, reducing the demand on the municipal supply. Efforts to protect local waterways from pollution include strict monitoring of industrial discharges and community clean-up events to preserve the natural water quality. The municipality also provides educational resources to citizens about the importance of water conservation. Stormwater management practices have been improved with the installation of green infrastructure, such as rain gardens and permeable pavements, to reduce runoff and enhance groundwater recharge.

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Transportation efficiency in Old Forge has seen development, with a focus on reducing traffic congestion and encouraging alternative transportation modes. The borough promotes the use of public transit through local bus services that connect Old Forge with larger metropolitan areas. Cycling infrastructure, such as bike lanes and bike-sharing programs, encourages residents to opt for non-motorized travel, while pedestrian-friendly sidewalk improvements make walking a more viable option. Carpooling is supported via online platforms that connect commuters. Efforts to adopt electric vehicles (EVs) are visible, with the installation of EV charging stations at strategic points, subsidized by state grants. The municipality has also considered policies to ensure new developments incorporate transportation efficiency into their planning, such as providing safe access to transit and amenities. The community's location near major highways has been leveraged to optimize freight movement, thus reducing the carbon footprint of goods transportation.

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Waste management in Old Forge has made significant strides in promoting recycling and reducing landfill waste. The borough has a robust curbside recycling program that accepts a wide range of materials, including paper, cardboard, plastics, glass, and metals. Local waste management authorities have been working on public awareness campaigns to reduce contamination in recycling bins. In addition, there is a strong emphasis on composting, with community composting facilities turning organic waste into useful soil amendments. Special collection events for hazardous waste such as electronics and chemicals prevent improper disposal. The town also supports a 'freecycle' program where residents can exchange usable items, thus extending the lifespan of goods and reducing waste. Businesses are encouraged to participate in waste audits and to adopt sustainable packaging. The local schools integrate waste reduction principles into their curricula, fostering a responsible attitude towards waste from an early age.