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TRANSPORTATION Car Dealers $7500
ENERGY Appliances & Repair $75
ENERGY Plumbing $840
ENERGY Plumbing $200
ENERGY Electrician $895
ENERGY Door and Window $30
ENERGY $7100
ENERGY Appliances & Repair $75
ENERGY Appliances & Repair $840
ENERGY Water Heater $3750
TRANSPORTATION Electrician $7100
ENERGY Pool & Hot Tub Service $475

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Fenton, MI, is a charming small city in Genesee County, known for its historic downtown and Silver Lake, offering water activities and scenic views. Established in 1834, Fenton embraces a rich heritage, with the landmark Fenton Hotel showcasing 19th-century architecture. The city fosters community spirit through events like the annual Applefest. With its unique blend of vintage charm and modern amenities, Fenton is a vibrant community ideal for both residents and visitors.

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In Fenton, MI, energy efficiency has been a growing focus, with the adoption of LED streetlights throughout the city significantly reducing municipal energy consumption. Residential and commercial buildings are being encouraged to follow suit, with local incentive programs for energy audits and upgrades in place. Solar panel installations have seen a rise, attributed to a combination of federal tax credits and state-level incentives for renewable energy systems. The community is increasingly aware of the benefits of energy-efficient appliances, boosted by rebate programs for Energy Star-rated products. The Fenton municipal power supplier has also introduced time-of-day pricing to encourage off-peak usage. Efforts to modernize the grid have been ongoing, with investments in smart grid technologies to enhance reliability and efficiency. The city’s commitment to energy efficiency is further evidenced by its participation in statewide energy-saving competitions and its support for community-based energy-saving initiatives.

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Fenton, MI, has made substantial strides in water efficiency, safeguarding its lakes and waterways as critical natural resources. The city has invested in upgrading its water treatment facilities to enhance water quality and efficiency. Fenton also runs a leak detection program to identify and repair water system leaks promptly, conserving significant volumes of water. Public education efforts have focused on water conservation techniques, including the promotion of water-efficient landscaping or xeriscaping. Rain barrel distribution initiatives and rain garden installations complement these efforts, helping residents to reduce outdoor water usage. Incentives have been provided for the adoption of low-flow fixtures in homes and businesses. Water efficiency assessments for large water users are conducted to identify opportunities for reductions. The water utility's tiered pricing structure serves as an economic incentive for residents to minimize water usage, reflecting the city's commitment to sustainably managing its water resources.

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Transportation efficiency in Fenton, MI, has evolved with the introduction of initiatives aimed at reducing traffic congestion and promoting alternative modes of transport. The city has improved its cycling infrastructure, adding bike lanes and bike-sharing programs to encourage non-motorized transportation. A local carpooling program leverages a dedicated online platform to facilitate ride-sharing opportunities, aiming to decrease the number of single-occupancy vehicles on the road. Public transportation options have been enhanced, with the bus fleet being gradually upgraded to more fuel-efficient models. Efforts to synchronize traffic signals and improve the flow of traffic have been implemented to reduce idle times and fuel consumption. Fenton also participates in regional transportation planning to ensure that the city’s efforts align with broader sustainable transportation goals. The city endorses telecommuting and flexible work hours as a means to reduce peak-time traffic volumes, further illustrating its multifaceted approach to enhancing transportation efficiency.

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Waste management in Fenton, MI, has progressed with an emphasis on reduction, reuse, and recycling. The city has implemented a comprehensive curbside recycling program that accepts a wide range of materials, reducing the waste sent to landfills. Additionally, Fenton hosts regular hazardous waste collection days to safely dispose of items such as electronics and batteries, and there are initiatives to promote composting of organic waste. Educational campaigns have been launched to increase awareness about the importance of waste sorting and minimizing contamination in recycling bins. The local government supports businesses that adopt sustainable waste management practices, providing them with recognition and resources. The introduction of a pay-as-you-throw program has incentivized residents to produce less waste, while the construction and demolition debris recycling program ensures that materials like concrete and wood are reused or recycled. Fenton's waste management policies reflect an integrated approach that balances environmental stewardship with practical community needs.