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Dothan, Alabama, known as the "Peanut Capital of the World," is a key hub for agriculture in the Southeast. This Wiregrass City hosts the National Peanut Festival annually. With a population of around 68,000, Dothan thrives with cultural landmarks like the Wiregrass Museum of Art and the Dothan Opera House. The city boasts a rich history, diverse economy, and family-friendly environment, highlighted by landmarks such as Landmark Park and Water World, providing recreation and educational opportunities.

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Dothan, AL has made strides in improving its energy efficiency through various initiatives. The city has been encouraging the adoption of renewable energy sources by offering incentives for solar panel installations on residential and commercial buildings. Energy-efficient building codes have been implemented, ensuring new constructions adhere to high energy-saving standards. The local government has also invested in upgrading public buildings with energy-efficient lighting and HVAC systems. The introduction of smart grid technology has allowed for better management of the city's electrical load, reducing waste and improving resilience. Programs for weatherization assistance help low-income households to improve energy efficiency, thus reducing overall community demand for energy. The utility providers offer energy audits and rebates for customers who upgrade to energy-efficient appliances. The transition to LED streetlights has decreased municipal energy consumption significantly.

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Dothan is committed to water efficiency and has implemented comprehensive water conservation measures. The city's water utility has upgraded its infrastructure to reduce leaks and water loss, including the installation of smart water meters that provide real-time data on water usage and help identify leaks quickly. Rebate programs for water-efficient appliances encourage residents and businesses to reduce water consumption. Dothan's landscape ordinances promote xeriscaping and the use of native plants to reduce the need for irrigation. Strict water quality standards are upheld to ensure that the water supply remains clean and safe for consumption. An educational campaign emphasizes the importance of water conservation and provides tips on reducing water use at home. The city has also made efforts to protect its watershed areas through conservation easements and restoration projects.

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Dothan's transportation efficiency has improved through the promotion of alternative transportation modes and infrastructure development. The city has expanded its public transit system to provide more routes and improve accessibility for residents. Bike lanes and pedestrian paths have been added to encourage non-motorized transit and reduce reliance on cars. A rideshare program supports carpooling, reducing the number of vehicles on the road and lowering emissions. Local policies favor the development of mixed-use spaces that allow residents to work, live, and play in proximity, decreasing the need for long commutes. Electric vehicle charging stations have been installed at key locations, promoting the use of electric vehicles. Furthermore, the city has coordinated with regional and state transportation agencies to ensure the smooth flow of traffic through synchronized traffic signals and smart traffic management systems.

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Dothan's waste management system has been optimized to prioritize waste reduction and recycling. The city has expanded its curbside recycling program, accepting a broader range of recyclable materials. There are also special drop-off locations for hazardous waste, ensuring safe disposal and reducing environmental impact. Local businesses are incentivized to minimize waste generation through a combination of tax incentives and recognition programs. The city's solid waste department conducts routine waste audits to continually improve waste diversion rates. A public education program focuses on composting and waste reduction strategies for households. Dothan has also invested in a state-of-the-art landfill that maximizes waste decomposition and energy recovery. Large item disposal events and electronic recycling drives occur regularly, preventing improper disposal of potentially hazardous materials.