5 Ways to Save the Environment with Benefyd

5 Ways to Save the Environment with Benefyd

Benefyd is a powerful app for homeowners: it offers cost-saving, energy efficient, environmentally friendly recommendations that can cut your energy bills, reduce waste, improve the value of your home, and shrink your carbon footprint. Not bad for a free audit that only takes 5 minutes to complete!

We’ve seen the impact Benefyd has had for homeowners around the country, helping them save money and make their homes more comfortable. But what about Benefyd’s impact on the planet?

We really wanted to know just how much of an impact our app has had on the environment. We looked into all the energy-saving recommendations we’ve made over the past few years, and the numbers are staggering.

18.75 Million Wh of Energy Saved

You’ve probably seen the acronym “kW-h”, or simply “KWh”, on your electric bill. That refers to “kilowatt hours.” A kilowatt-hour is a unit of measurement for electricity consumption (here’s a more in-depth definition for those of you who’d like to know more).

If Benefyd app users have applied all of our recommendations, we have collectively saved 18,750,000 watt-hours of energy use. That’s 18,750 KW-h… enough power to keep an average home in the US powered for nearly two full years!

Over 29 million pounds of Carbon Dioxide Eliminated

Carbon dioxide accounts for approximately 64.3 percent of manmade greenhouse gases—nearly four times as much as methane. So the fact that Benefyd recommendations may have wiped out up to 29,062,500 pounds of CO2 is quite a feat.

That’s about 13,182 metric tons of CO2 our users may have potentially prevented, which is roughly the same amount of CO2 that two American homes produce per year. That’s not only good for fighting climate change, but also for reducing the amount of air pollution our users’ homes are producing as well.

More Than One Million Trees Planted

Just how eco-friendly is all of that C02 we’ve theoretically wiped out? Well, it’s the equivalent of 1,117,788 trees planted. That’s enough to replace every tree in New York City’s Central Park 43 times. It’s also 7.7 times as many trees as you’ll find lining the streets of Washington D.C.!

2,514 Cars off the Streets

It’s a popular misnomer that cars are the key contributor to greenhouse gases. While it’s true that transportation accounts for about 28 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions, cars aren’t the sole culprit. Airplanes, ships, trains, trucks, and even public transportation all factor into that figure as well.

Having said that, waving a magic wand and eliminating gasoline- and diesel-fueled personal vehicles would go a long way toward our efforts to reduce pollution and curb greenhouse gases. And while we here at Benefyd don’t have a magic wand, we do have a magic app that has reduced greenhouse gas emissions up to an equivalent of 2,514 cars being taken off the streets.

1.45 Million Gallons of Gasoline Not Burned

The gasoline we put in our cars is filled with a lot of bad stuff. It’s not just dangerous for our environment, either. Car exhaust fumes contain a cocktail of dangerous, poisonous chemicals. Carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, soot, and even formaldehyde are all found in car exhaust, and they’re all toxic and even deadly if breathed in. Diesel exhaust fumes are more likely to cause cancer than secondhand cigarette smoke.

The dangers of gasoline exhaust fumes and their impact on the environment leave us proud to report that Benefyd recommendations may have equated to up to 1,453,125 gallons of gasoline having not been burned. And while that number mostly references greenhouse gases and not all those aforementioned deadly chemicals, it does mean that each user who follows the recommendations offered by our app is contributing toward fighting climate change big time.

How to Take a Benefyd

These numbers really make us proud of our app and its users. We’re confident we’ve made a positive, lasting impact on our planet and its health. And we’re hoping you’ll take a few moments to take Benefyd for yourself and learn all the ways you can help us make these numbers grow.

The Benefyd app is quick and easy to use, offers great recommendations, and best of all, it’s absolutely free to use. You can get started in just five easy steps!

Step 1. Download our app at Benefyd.com, or find us in the Google Play or iTunes App stores. Registration only takes a minute or two of your time. Oh, and did we mention it’s free? We probably did, but it doesn’t hurt to mention it again, right?

Step 2. Take your Benefyd walkthrough, as the app creates a digital mockup of your home. Simply click on an area of your home to bring up a questionnaire. Answering it will help us determine where your home is and isn’t efficient by analyzing your heater and air conditioner units, the Energy Star® compliance of your appliances, and more.

Step 3. Review your Benefyd report which provides the status of each area of your home, the priority of your needed upgrades, and tells you how much money you could be saving by following our recommendations.

Step 4. Get qualified local contractors to help you fulfill our recommendations. The Benefyd app will connect you with contractors in your area who can help you get started at your convenience, with upgrade plans, estimates and bids, and work and payment schedules.

Step 5. Get rebates that will save you money, and help you earn money back as you upgrade your home. You can evaluate and upgrade your home at whatever pace best suits your budget and your needs, and more upgrades mean bigger and long-term savings!

That’s it! In just these five easy steps, you can take a Benefyd and realize the full potential of your home with recommendations for upgrades that not only save you money but save the environment, too. Our app is absolutely free forever, so what have you got to lose?