How To Make Your ROOF Energy Efficient

How To Make Your ROOF Energy Efficient

214829731Roofs protect you from rain, wind, snow and changing temperatures, but did you know they could also increase your utility bill if they’re not energy efficient? Follow these tips to make that roof over your head a little greener:

Make These Simple Switches.

Switch to energy efficient materials.

If your roof is ready for a replacement, switch to energy efficient materials instead of sticking with the style you already have. Metal and tile roofs are known to be much more energy efficient than traditional asphalt, yet they are not nearly as common. Talk to a roofing professional about which style is right for your home and climate before you make a decision—just make sure he knows you are looking solely at energy efficient materials.

Move your garden to the roof.

Is your roof still in pretty good shape? If it’s not quite time for a replacement, you can still make your roof more energy efficient by planting a garden on it. First, consult with a roofing professional to make sure your roof is stable and does not have any leaks. You may be asked to install insulation before you plant a garden, but this will depend on what type of roof you have. Then, pick out different plants that will grow well in your climate and start planting your garden. Although this may seem like a silly idea, having a rooftop garden can help you purify the air, lower your heating and cooling costs, and add a touch of unique beauty to the last place people will expect it—your roof!

Tackle These Projects.

84416038Add a cooling coating.

Cool roofs are designed to reflect more sunlight instead of absorbing it like a standard roof. Think of a cool roof as your house wearing a white colored shirt instead of a black one on a hot summer day—less heat is absorbed, so you stay cooler. This helps lower the demand for your air conditioner, since the house won’t heat up as quickly. Luckily, you don’t have to replace your entire roof to get the benefits of this energy efficient style. “Protective “cooling” coatings can be added to most roofing materials, so all you have to do is use an online tool to find and get estimates from roofers anywhere in the US, then hire the best professional in your area to apply the coating over your existing roof.”

Insulate the attic.

If your attic is not already insulated, your home does not have the necessary tools to handle shifts in temperature without driving up your energy costs. Heat and cold air can easily make their way into your home through your roof if your attic is not insulated, so this is definitely a project worth tackling. Depending on how comfortable you are with home improvement projects, you may be able to install insulation without the help of a professional.

Having an energy efficient roof not only helps you cut back on energy and save money on your utility bills, but it also keeps you more comfortable by maintaining a consistent temperature in the house. With so many benefits, it’s a mystery as to why every homeowner doesn’t make their roof more energy efficient!