Healthy Living: How Your Home Affects Your Health!

Healthy Living: How Your Home Affects Your Health!

The average American spends 90 percent of their time indoors, with much of it spent at home. So it makes sense that your home affects your overall wellbeing. In fact, research has proven that housing noticeably impacts human health. It’s something both overlooked yet important to understand.

Everyone knows about spring cleaning, and an impressive 72 percent of U.S. households participate. So what then, makes homes less than ideal for our health? It’s the little things. Light bulbs, paint colors, and your bedding all have an impact on how healthy your home really is.

The first steps in getting your home to a healthy state are usually the easiest. Changing light bulbs, cleaning, and reducing your time spent in front of electronics all can help improve your health. Light bulbs, surprisingly, have been linked to migraines, eye strain, sleep problems and depression, but only take seconds to change. Switching from fluorescent to LED lights can make all the difference.

Changing the colors in your home also plays a role in your health, and this time your mental wellbeing is affected. Color psychology deals with how different colors impact your mood. Reds and yellows encourage activity and stimulate drive, while blues promote calm and intelligence. Cool colors like blue and green also help with sleep. Painting your home with color psychology in mind can change each room’s impact on your mental state. Home hygiene is also important if you have already gone through the invisalign process.

Most people don’t realize that even everyday housekeeping tasks have some impact on their health. Changing your bedding? While clean sheets feel nice, they also reduce the amount of allergens in your bedroom. Waking up with a runny nose? It could be your bedding. Another allergen culprit is your dryer. Dirty dryer vents can lead to condensation that can’t vent outside your home. This leads to humid air that allergens cling to.

With a few easy tips, it’s no problem to turn your home into a healthy living environment. For more information, take a look at our infographic about sober living in Houston and transforming your home into a health conscious living space.