Guide to Finding the Most Energy Efficient Clothes Dryer

Guide to Finding the Most Energy Efficient Clothes Dryer

energy efficient clothes dryerYou might be surprised to learn that of all your appliances, your dryer consumes the most energy. In fact, it’s estimated that clothes dryers account for around 10 percent of your electricity bill. While dryers are vital in the modern home, that doesn’t mean you can’t dry your clothes and save energy. To help get you started, we’re bringing you some tips to help you find the right energy-efficient clothes dryer.

Gas vs. Electric

The first step in picking an energy efficient clothes dryer is choosing between a gas or electric model. If your home isn’t already using natural gas, it’s best to stick with an electric model. If you are using natural gas, a gas dryer is the better option. Gas dryers cost more upfront but have lower operating costs. You’ll quickly recoup the upfront cost and end up saving money.

The Right Size and Capacity

Carefully measure the space available for your dryer before making any purchases. Next, estimate how much laundry you do per week.

The dryer’s drum should be large enough to hold a full load of laundry, with a little room left over so hot air can move freely. Energy Star recommends buying a dryer with the same capacity size as your washer. This prevents constantly running your dryer to make up for a smaller drum size.

Special Features

Some dryers come outfitted with special features that help increase their efficiency. One such feature is a moisture sensor. The sensor automatically turns off the dryer once moisture is no longer detected on your clothing. For example, if you dry your clothes for 30 minutes, but the sensor detects no moisture after 20 minutes, the dryer will power down.

energy efficient clothes dryerTop Energy Efficient Dryers

With all the different makes and models of energy efficient dryers, shopping can be overwhelming. If you’re having a difficult time deciding, choose a dryer that Energy Star includes on their “Most Efficient in 2017” list.

The LG DLHX4072 is an electric dryer with a fairly large capacity that’s just the right size for families. It also has five different drying levels that vary based on the type of clothing you’re drying. Its final selling point is LG’s TrueSteam Technology, which helps reduce wrinkles so you’re not wasting time and energy ironing.

Another dryer option is the Beko HPD24412W, which is also an electric dryer. This dryer has a smaller capacity, so it’s ideal for people who live alone or with one roommate. Plus, it also includes a moisture sensor to help save energy drying your clothes.

If you’re shopping for a gas dryer, an excellent option is the Samsung DVG54M87. One reason is the dryer’s filter cleaning indicator, which alerts you when the dryer’s filter needs cleaning. A dirty filter reduces energy efficiency, so this feature ensures your dryer works at maximum efficiency.

When you’re in the market to buy an energy efficient clothes dryer, remember these tips to help buy a model that’s right for your home. Just because dryers consume large amounts of energy, doesn’t mean you can’t limit their impact.