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Collingdale, PA, established in 1891, is a borough in Delaware County with a rich history tied to the textile industry. With a population of around 8,700, it spans just 0.9 square miles. The community is known for its close-knit neighborhoods and proximity to Philadelphia, providing residents a small-town feel near urban amenities. Landmarks include the Collingdale Park and the historic Aldan Union Church. Annual events like the Collingdale Community Day foster local pride and togetherness.

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Collingdale, PA, has made strides in energy efficiency through implementing LED street lighting, reducing municipal building energy consumption, and promoting energy audits for residential and business properties. The town encourages the use of Energy Star appliances and has seen a gradual adoption of solar panels among homeowners, in part due to state incentives like Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs). Collingdale's local government actively supports energy conservation awareness campaigns, which inform residents about the benefits of reducing energy use and how to access state and federal grants for energy-efficient renovations. The energy utility companies in the region offer demand response programs to manage peak load and ensure grid stability, and time-of-use rates to incentivize off-peak usage. The community is also exploring the potential of community solar projects to increase renewable energy access for all residents, particularly for those in multi-tenant buildings who may not have the option to install their own solar panels.

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Collingdale, PA, is focused on water conservation and has made significant investments in its water infrastructure to minimize leaks and reduce waste. The town has retrofitted public facilities with low-flow fixtures and encourages residents to do the same through rebate programs. Rainwater harvesting systems and the use of rain barrels have been promoted among homeowners to lessen the demand on the municipal water supply, especially during the peak summer months. The stormwater management program aims to protect water quality in local waterways by using green infrastructure solutions such as permeable pavements, rain gardens, and vegetated swales. Water-saving landscaping, or xeriscaping, is also endorsed by the town to reduce the need for irrigation. The local water utility offers educational programs on water conservation and provides tips for detecting household leaks and reducing overall water usage.

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Transportation efficiency in Collingdale, PA, has benefited from the town's support for a variety of options to reduce single-occupancy vehicle use. Public transportation is supported through the maintenance of bus stops and encouragement of transit ridership, with service updates and real-time tracking available for commuters. Bike-sharing programs and enhanced pedestrian infrastructure, including safer crosswalks and expanded sidewalks, support non-motorized transportation options. Collingdale has also incorporated electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in public areas, using government grants to subsidize installation costs to encourage the adoption of EVs. The town has established carpooling incentives, providing resources for residents to find and organize carpool groups. Furthermore, the municipality is exploring the integration of smart traffic management systems to improve traffic flow and reduce emissions from idling vehicles.

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In terms of waste management, Collingdale, PA, has embraced comprehensive recycling programs that address household, commercial, and industrial waste. The community is committed to the principles of reduce, reuse, and recycle, with curbside recycling services for a variety of materials including paper, cardboard, glass, and certain plastics. Residents are encouraged to participate in hazardous waste collection events to properly dispose of items like electronics and batteries. Collingdale also promotes composting initiatives, offering resources for residents to compost yard waste and organic kitchen scraps, thereby diverting waste from landfills. The local government has partnered with waste management companies to provide educational resources on proper waste sorting and the importance of minimizing contamination in recycling streams. Moreover, businesses are incentivized to adopt zero-waste policies and practices through local recognition programs.