Artificial Intelligence & Smart Home Gadgets for a Futuristic Lifestyle

Artificial Intelligence & Smart Home Gadgets for a Futuristic Lifestyle

Technology moves swiftly, and many smart homeowners may swap in or swap out devices, gadgets and appliances in their home to maximize both financial savings and possibly even environmental benefits.

Smart homes incorporate the power of technology into the home environment, wiring together the ease and power of computer functionality with the basic necessities of the home. 

New devices and tech gadgets enter the consumer marketplace each year, with updated models offering sleeker designs and promising more advanced capabilities than earlier offerings. Today’s models of smart home artificial intelligence gadgets boast a long list of futuristic features that can transport even a modern smart home into the space-age.

Check out these smart home artificial intelligence gadgets to upgrade your smart home and embrace the future of AI.

Artificial Intelligence & Smart Home Gadgets for a Futuristic Lifestyle

AI Virtual Assistants: The Brain of the Artificial Intelligence-Powered Smart Home

Most of our phones are programmed with a virtual assistant (a.k.a. Cortana or Siri), but these virtual AI-powered assistants also act as the brains—and voice—behind many smart home artificial intelligence gadgets.

Amazon’s Alexa can be used on many smart home gadgets—from lights to ovens. Give Alexa (or Siri or Cortana) a command, and these assistants usually deliver. For smart homes, this can mean playing music or even adjusting the thermostat on the fridge.

For homeowners who are on the market for a new appliance and already own an Echo or another AI-assistant device, be sure to research which appliances are compatible with the device.

Artificial Intelligence in Home Appliances

Many smart appliances use AI-powered devices like Echo or Google Home. Each appliance offers unique capabilities.

Features in smart appliances can get pretty high-tech and seemingly space-age. There are ovens that preheat when synced with a cooking app. Refrigerators feature smart screens that can receive messages from your phone, so you never miss an appointment or note. Dishwashers can notify you of a leak. And dryers that let you control the cycles remotely.

Homeowners can incorporate smart, AI-powered appliances in every room in the home. The ultimate smart home could enable homeowners to control lights, appliances, gadgets, and, yes, even the HVAC from their phone remotely.

This not only provides fingertip convenience but peace of mind, too. When every device and appliance is visible on the smartphone grid, asking ‘did I leave the iron on?’ becomes a worry rooted only in the days of obsolete technology!

Artificial Intelligence & Smart Home Gadgets for a Futuristic Lifestyle

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Future Smart Homes

The role of artificial intelligence in future smart homes is unlimited, and how every homeowner utilizes AI in the smart home depends on their personal comfort and their lifestyle.

Some may be wary of the role of AI in the home, fearing, perhaps, a scene straight from a sci-fi movie where machines and computers threaten to overthrow mankind. Others may embrace a full AI-powered home, prompting Siri to turn off the lights, brew the coffee and play some soft jazz.

While smart appliances may be dressed to the nines with advanced features, homeowners don’t have to use them all. Play around with the capabilities, explore the world of AI, or decide to just embrace an AI-minimalism.

The New Year will bring more updated and sleeker appliances that boast smarter functions than earlier models. These advancements could mean that the role of AI in the home expands to include more complicated functions that are controlled by the voice-operated virtual assistant.

AI Smart Home: What Should Homeowners Upgrade Now?

For homeowners who need to upgrade an appliance, is it a smart decision to purchase a new smart appliance? There are pros and cons to these high-tech appliances, and while their capabilities and advanced features may significantly simplify daily habits and chores, these appliances often come with a higher price tag.

Although not all smart appliances are extremely expensive, homeowners should shop around to find the best deal that works for their budget…and their needs. A new smart appliance could be the introductory step into a smarter lifestyle.

Smart Home Artificial Intelligence: Is AI Greener?

Smart homes are not to be conflated with green homes which offer energy-saving features and a sustainable, eco design. Smart homes, on the other hand, include features that are controlled by the power of technology—usually a smartphone.

Green homes may include smart appliances, but smart homes are not necessarily green homes. However, purchasing appliances that feature smart capabilities may lead to energy savings, as many smart appliances include energy-saving features.

Smart appliances can save money, too. Smart HVAC thermostats allow homeowners to adjust the temperature remotely to increase or decrease the thermostat when they are not at home. Setting the thermostat higher in summer and cooler in winter can lead to energy and financial savings each month.

Homeowners who are concerned about energy drains, though, also can conduct a home energy audit to understand the energy use and misuse of their home. Visit each room of the home and check outlets for unused devices/appliances, pipes for leaks and other signs of drains. Benefyd also lets homeowners snap a photo of each room to understand energy wastes.

Some homeowners may discover through an audit that they are leaving too many unused lights or appliances plugged into an outlet. Smart plugs and smart power strips could be a solution to ensure that these unused items are cut off from the energy source to help stop energy waste. These small smart devices also could be the gateway to a smarter home for wary homeowners; sometimes embracing technology means starting with small changes!